Crystallization Partner Needed/Full Spec Disty & Crude Available

We are looking for a Crystallization Partner. We have 89% Cannabinoid Full Spec Distillate which is 80.5% CBD. We also have 71% CBD Crude. We are looking for a partner to crystallize to isolate. A lot of our buyers are interested in isolate (my guess is because they are all converting to D8). In any case, I’m looking for the path of least resistance and cost to get to isolate, taking tolling costs and loss into account to see if it’s economically feasible to fulfill Isolate contracts being presented by our customer base.

With that said, we have high quality all organic (grown and extracted with organic Hexane) crude and full spec distillate available for additional processing and remediation if anyone is looking. We are volume oriented and are here to make deals. Our material has a very impressive minor cannabinoid profile (samples of our material have been verified by Future). We are a 100% vertically integrated operation out of Southern Oregon. We run a 500 acre organic farm (14-16% CBD biomass), organic hexane extraction, and distillation facilities all under one roof. We are located in Southern Oregon. This not only allows us to offer unmatched consistency and guaranteed organic product, but also extremely competitive pricing for real, volume buyers.

I have attached a COA and photos for anyone interested and for any potential crystallization partners to review. Thanks in advance!

where did you come across organic hexane?


It grows naturally in Oregon, don’t you know? :wink:


Here I am am thinking it came from dinosaurs!


Beat me to it…

I’m sure the chemist that came up with extraction SOP responded, “yeah, of course hexane is organic!” when questioned by marketing.

I was under the impression that Hexane was an organic solvent from our people, similar in that way to 200 proof ethanol. As you guys have guessed, I am not a chemist. I am here looking to create relationships and outlets to sell our product. Intention was never to mislead. Perhaps the confusion is in reference to chemical composition: “It is an alkane and a volatile organic compound.”
I will edit the initial post to not represent the distillate as organic, but derived from organically grown hemp. Thank you for correcting the error.

As far as transparency goes, we welcome onsite visits to see our farm and facilities. We are extremely competitive if there are any volume buyers out there that are interested in our material. Thank you, and sorry for what seems to be an accidental misrepresentation on my part.

Hexane is in fact an organic solvent, but the word organic in the chemistry world when referring to solvents is usually just a reference to any sort of solvent that contains primarily carbon. It doesn’t mean organic by means of being produced “organically” or with “organic ingredients”.

In fact, water is classified as an inorganic solvent.

A quick google search of organic solvents will give you a good idea of what I’m talking about.

Edit: To be sure you get the proper marketing information, the question you may want to pose in the future would be “Are all of the chemicals or ingredients in the process organically derived?”.


I really appreciate the response and clarification. I should have vetted that before throwing it up on a forum full of chemists. I definitely understand the pushback. Just to confirm, unfortunately our Hexane is not organically derived by my lab team of dinosaurs in Oregon. Just a mixup on my part of it being organic in composition, not organically derived. Thanks again!

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I am glad to see others using Hexane. I got so much push back on this when I started.