Crystal growth

Noticed a different style of crystal structure in my distillate today thought I’d share.


That’s gorgeous!



Yes. First time I’ve seen a structure like this.


I need to invent snowflake tek

is that a finished product other than packaging? the only disty ive seen is some cbd in my freezer and its prolly fucked by now. I intended it for topicals , its still fine for that.

No it’s heading to isolation.

im unfamiliar with spd and all that, whats isolation do you mean making the pure crystals? im ignorant> you run hexane over it in the glass vials LOL?

im kidding, dont teach me- if i wanted to learn that I would. This whole hash thing is a neverending rabbit hole. I remember how impresed with myself i was when i made crystals.

Lol no. Gotta heat it back up to get it mixed into some Hexane then let the magic happen.I ran out of space in the mixing reactor so I had to fill a few Masson jars. To be honest I forgot it was there until I was moving some things around lol

all that is like chinese to me but im learning some of the chinese characters… i do my thing but my place in the legal industry isnt in a lab. i want to there to be pot bars where people hang out and do things and i can be a budtender or just hang out in the corner and sell bm weed.

With as much as I talk to the Chinese I should know how to read and write it. But I refuse!

ive tried ordering steel and its always very poor comunication

There’s definitely a learning curve to dealing with them. Always eager to please though.

thing is im trying to suss a good supplier from bad- that takes a trial and error I used to want to be killa, but then i remembered chong and his bongs and the intended use and i dont have the balls for that.

I got off topic- at least you are the op. Hopefully someone has info on the crazy crystal growth. If you have a brand use that as your symbol.

I’ve been in the CBD space for going on 4 years and I’m still sorting out the good suppliers from the bad lol.
Have a good one man I gotta get back to work.

How many cops use your account? You got like 3-4 different distinct writing styles Thumper.


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