Cryogenic valve options (1/2" npt)

I currently use swagelok valves and would like something rated for lower temps to minimize leaks. I use avco cryogenic valves for a lot of my system, but i’m wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper alternative.

Finally moving from a mastercool tank to a stainless tank (thanks to killa) and I want to make sure I put some quality valves on it that wont be likely to leak when -70 or below butane is flowing through them.

Wanna buy the valves from my ethos? I think they’re kf45 flange

I’m a fan of superlok.


I’d look into converting your NPT fittings over to compression fittings before grabbing any cryo valves. I’d also stick with the Swagelok, or Superlok as killa suggested.

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Arent those valves only rated to -40 or so?

Yes, depending on the series but they perform well at the pressures we use. You may have to tighten the packing nut at lower temps. You can grab the Superloks with PEEK seals for lower temps. @CorleeValve should be able to help you out.


I like Hy-lok. Functionally the same as swagelok, superlok, yor-lok, etc, but quite reasonably priced. Made in south korea.

Far cheaper than any swagelok stuff I’ve ever seen - only about 35% more than high quality Chinese double ferrule fittings, but here tomorrow instead of on a boat.

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@WhereAreTheStones Thank you!

@Syriss give us a call tomorrow or shoot me an email. We’ll be glad to fix you up with the fittings and valves you need. 832-843-7141 or

3/8" compression valve = $50.94 ea 1/2" compression valve = $66.52 ea