Crunchy muffin during shatter pour(cheetos consistency in a sense )

Hello everyone, how is it going? So my issue is I’m trying to run 60/40 propane heavy to help with some color on shatter. Any time I go past 50/50 I end up with some crunchy muffin in the bottom of my 1 or 2 last runs on my tank before refill. I’m assuming I’m more into pronane than butane (since I was taught butane evaps more than propane so it’s best to do a 60/butane heavy to actually achieve a 50/50?) What can I do to have everything pour out in an even consistent manner like the first few pours ? Water temp is at 115F(little higher, but I heat my expansion first then pot so its like 100F) pours are pouring out at around 50F .

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You could run a consistent ratio.

The pressure in your tank at any given temp can be used to calculate the ratio in your tank.

Fix it after every run. Using maths.

Link to require table is lying around here at least a 1/2 dozen times.

Eg: Current Solvent Ratio in CLS - #2 by cyclopath


An OG taught me this trick . This guy runs pure propane . Take .25lb to 1 lb of Nbutane
and add it to your collection chamber before you flood your column so when you start recovery all the propane will recover first then your left with the amount of nbutane you added so you can pour ! Works great for doing PHO diamonds . Damn propane recovers too fast . Hank hill my man with the propane and propane accessories


Tyvm I really appreciate it. Let’s say I wanted to actually do A7030 propane heavy on some darker material but I keep ending up with the crumble in the bottom, any idea what is causing that?

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