Crumble price please help!

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Looks more like dry sugar to me which should fetch more than badder. But on the west coast u fight the fact that everyone is doing it so stuff is cheap


Depends on how connected you are. I personally would probably be able to get 5+ for it pretty easily as long as nose is good on it. :man_shrugging:


You still got these?

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Thinking about selling in bulk. Any advice?


Idk about buying all ten at one shot but I’d like to buy one and if it meets standards then possibly the 9 you have left

Y’all need to take your conversation private. Come on now


This looks like shitty delta 8 crumble (pretty sure it is) making its rounds in the BM I can get straight diamonds and suace on the SoCal BM for two bucks a gram


Do you have a license to be preparing, and selling this shit in the US? Because we can all plainly see that you’re not a verified slanger. Please check out this link in order to get verified. Slangers, Read this BEFORE Posting Hemp Products for Sale - Verified / Verification Post - #414 by Bourbon
If this is D9, than you should have some kind of testing to accompany it. You should have that period. Flagging you post for spam

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2 bucks a gram Holy fuck my guy that’s smoking deals

I tried going to a dispensary for the 2nd time in my life= not open? I dunno? the door didnt open and they had a ring type thing that didnt answer? Youd think thy at least hae a sign? Its supposed to have opened last week but the website is unclear. My first try didnt work either= ive neer been to a dispensary een though weed is legal? I just want to see if they got good weed.

if you get lame d8 does it get you stoned?

I don’t disagree, but at the same time it’s a little mind boggling the price at which people are struggling to move cbd isolate at, which is more refined and going for much less. I guess it just really goes to demonstrate the end result of the drug war: inflated prices because the gov is putting a choke hold on supply. Market trends as well… I’m sure the people buying it at 2 a g aren’t being totally honest with their advertisements…

is crumbe degraded bho? or else how to make crumble other than letting mayerial degrade? Im trying to learn textures. anyone got help? I know names but Ive only seen what i make. I think ve had crumble but its when the bho degrades?

the cannabis market ist the smartest one. I remember an article how cannabis was THE MOSTSTABLE CoMMODITY over 20 years. that was when it was black market. Now chad got in and this crumble is worth almost as much as the bud it cme from=- thanks chad and all you guys in a hurry to recover fast so you can undersell the market. Also - you losers with the illegal shit that wont pass muster in your state shoud fuck off instead of shipping it cheap an making people think its a reasonable price for clean organic weed.

I would be interested in hearing more if you on me I’m in Oregon :heartpulse:

That’s sick brah