Crumble and sugar tips

Hello everyone, thanks in advance for taking the time to read my thread. Ok so I’ve been trying to make crumble and sugar, I’ve tried everything from whipping, foldin, stretching and whipping again. I set my temp at 93.7F and vac at 25hg it muffins and gives me a good stable sponge but when I come back it’s flat and shatters up on. Idk what I’m doing wrong and would appreciate some good advice thanks again.


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Btw sugar and crumble 2 totally different things and processing


@StoneD ya I know bro, been trying to make these two extracts to try out and I just get a wax or shatter material. Thanks for feed

Sugar is easiest when you can dewax of any form. Fats keep things stable. They are great for shatter and crumbles. Dewaxing is great for badder/budder/waxes/sugar. Thorough dewaxing and polishing of your material is necessary for making excellent diamond structures


Try pulling it like taffy, then place in oven set to 85 and pull a vac to about -20 then next day you may have to pull it again like taffy, then pull full vac,

This was basically useless goop, I started by placing in oven as bubbling oil at 95 pulled full vac, next day it had melted, I pulled it like taffy, muffins it full vac again, next day shatter again, pulled it like taffy dropped temp to 85 and only pulled vac to -20 right before it collapsed cuz the bubbles pop…

This was day 1 I think

Day 2 I believe, the trick is mostly time for it to dry out / set up it’s now soft like a bomb thick cookie, we pulled it like taffy probably 4 maybe 5 different times it eventually started looking like badder then as you pull vac it turns into crumble…


Sorry this may be a simple question. When you are pulling like taffy what type of gloves are you using? Mine keep sticking to the material. Thank you


Black nitrile gloves. When it’s fresh and still has a bunch of solvent left, it’ll be very tacky still. You’ll need to wait until it’s more stable


Purged 4 days as shatter until all/most butane is gone then whipped for about 3 hrs then let sit in oven at 95•f


I tried pulling like taffy once most of the solvent ( etoh ) was gone . It is still sticking to my gloves and doesn’t pull nearly as long as taffy . Don’t know what I am doing wrong? Does it need to be warm when I pull ? Does anyone use a innocuous nonstick agent on the gloves ? Any help is appreciated . Really want to learn this tech .

I got better results when I just whipped it during the purge .

I don’t do etho, but I would assume you would have to take out a considerable amount more

OK. Thanks Dred , I will try . It is already almost completely purged probably has around 5,000-6,000 ppm left only to go. I have also made crumble successfully by agitating with tools rather than using hands to taffy pull. I wonder if guys are lubing the gloves with a little mct oil…( I prefer not to do that)


I don’t think they would be doing that, it’d make the extract a different consistency. I would vac out more of the solvent and whip it however you are comfortable


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What’s a pound of crumble going for nowadays

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@Dred_pirate correct me if im wrong but doesnt running 70/30 butane/propane mix help with sugaring?

No the affinity of terps to the propane
Make your oil have more terpenes
Acting as a co solvent making sugaring less likely


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