"Crude"? Turn old bho shatter into distillate

Hey guys! I have a load of unsellable old bho wax and shatter laying around and was wondering if I could turn it to distillate. Ive been hearing crude oil is needed for short path, is crude basically a term for low quality bho?

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Sure can

May need to winterize before hand. Then decarb.

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Thnx for reply! So I basically just dilute with ethanol and chill it for 2 days? What’s the point of decarbing it, just to evaporate the alcohol? Or do you still want the alcohol in your oil when putting it in your short path setup

For some reason I was under the impression you put your bho ethno mix in the boiling flask of ur set up. If anyone can clear this up for me that’d be great!

You do not want alcohol in your boiling flask. Alcohol will cause large bumps, causing your oil to contaminate your recovery flasks. Same with not decarbing. You want to decarb so you don’t get large bumps from that either.