Crude to isolate



hey everyone! Looking for advice on the best way to take etOH CBD crude to isolate on a large scale. Right now i have the capabilities to do 50kg of crude per week. Would like to take it down to a distillate, as well as, an isolate. What are your thoughts on Spinning band distillation systems? winterizing equipment? What do i need? Ready to purchase equipment, funds are secured. Looking for someone to help take us to the next level.


Sounds like you need a consultant


hes good? been talkin


Still haven’t purchased a $500 phone call, is it work it?


Depends how much your time is worth. I have had more time than money, so I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours over the last 6 months doing my own research through this forum and elsewhere. You can find most of the information you’re looking for in the search bar here, but sorting through everything is going to be time consuming. With the questions you’re asking, it sounds like you have quite a few hours of research to do. In my opinion it would definitely be worth the $500, on top of another $250 for a GLG membership that has a CBD isolate SOP and more. I know I would have if I had the money back then. Probably going to have to spend way more than that with a few different consultants in the near future when I go to scale up. And yes, he’s legit.


Thank for the shoutout, I have spoken with the gentleman, just waiting to see if he wants to use my services and save himself some time and money :slight_smile:


Of course I recommend spinning band!

Winterize/filter: You are going to want to winterize real good and subsequently filter real good too. There are lots of options for that equipment. You are going to want to think of a way to keep the solution cold as you filter it (jacketed and other insulation).

Distill: Spinning band can take even low potency crude into distillate that is ready to be crystallized. I’ve seen 80% CBD thrown around a lot as kind of the minimum starting point. Higher purity will give you a better yield.

Crystallize: Some kind of jacketed reactor preferably. IMO stainless is better if you don’t need to see what’s going on inside at all times. You’ll probably want some kind of condenser. Temperature control and agitation are mandatory/important especially if you are scaling up. You don’t want to be limited by diffusion in a viscous liquid.

You’ll need a way to grind probably and definitely need a vac oven. A vac filter setup could be handy for RnD, especially if you want to wash your crystals.


Spinning band does not give the volume needed to process oil at a competitive scale. Making a larger boiling flask may allow you to put more oil in the flask for starting material but the process is horribly slow and the cannabinoids are being heated egregiously long time leading to degredation of compounds as well is polymerization of compounds within the oil.



Larger flasks are not what we are in the process of building! :slight_smile:


This has been your company’s solution in the past. Well I look forward to seeing the new build out and hopefully be impressed but I doubt it.

When will your cryptic build out be finished? post blueprints for us now or email me some?


Blueprints? No way! In short the head design is different and the columns will have near quadrupled from what we started with. “gen 2” was 40% faster, gen 2.5 saw 50% beyond that. Distillation rates go up around the square of the radius. We aren’t ready to show anything for about 2 months.


So if your 22 liter set up retails for about 70k this should be around what? 200-300k?

Any way you dice it up a spinning band is far inferior to wiped film units.


No, output is exponential, but cost will not be.

I could make a pretty long pros and cons chart, but I don’t think here is the place and I don’t think I’ll have changed your opinion by the end of it.


Yes I doubt you would change my mind because you all make an inferior product for large scale distillation of cannabinoids. It is unjust to rip people off claiming your company will do better when it will not. You even said yourself on the phone with me that wiped films are superior so not sure why you are still trying to sell your academic scale machines for industrial processing.


I chimed into the conversation because he said 50 kg a week, not 100 kg a day. 50 kg crude a week is not industrial. You’re right, we don’t make industrial equipment. We only get to pilot scale anything. Not everyone can drop half a million dollars on just the distillation for their lab though. A 22 L pays for itself quickly. And you don’t have to hire a consultant like yourself to run it.


Great discussion. Very helpful! Thank you!