Crude Processing

Hey, Ya’ll!

Anyone in need of tolling?

Have roughly 1,000,000 lbs in tolling capacity left.

The facility has been in operations for over 30 years, currently processing 50,000 pounds per day.

Feel free to email me if we can help any of you guys out:


That looks nice! What sort of solvent?

Feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll send you everything I’ve got.


So who’s lyin?

Working together!

Is the refinery in NM or TX?

Currently assembling small lots for processing. $15/lb. Sending to this guy and pocketing the difference.

It’s in new mexico

It’s a chili refinery.

That cranks out crude like nobody’s business. Takes them 5 days to rip the entire facility apart, clean & sterilize, and reassemble for production.

Gonna be a spicy crude.


Yeah I’ve seen Jason around.

5 days is a lot of PM.

Really good guy

30 years of processing hemp? Wow did y’all do it legally

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Take a lap

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I was advertised this as rezolex. Are you an owner of rezolex?

It was a chili refinery. I believe they provided most of the powder for pepperoni? @Sterling_Martin Correct me if i’m wrong?

Ive seen like 5 people claim that this is their refinery. They are most likely a sales team that was hired by Jason.


@Sterling_Martin can you provide more pictures. This look likes a petro mixing yard but I’m leaning towards a midstream terminal for storage/transfer.

The tank terminals to the left holds massive liquids.

In the middle is a control operating room assuming due to the windows.

To the bottom is gas meter on top of that exhaust type of piping that usually goes to a burner or loading dock in a river.

The kettle style storage tank also has an exhaust due to the piping.

Why do y’all have some many LPGs lines running to it?

I apologize if i rough your feathers. Im just a curious person. I’ve looked on y’all FB. There isn’t one mention of this place on their. Y’all just opened up a retail store and the guy looks cheesed tf out happy. If he had this place i would imagine he would be riding one of the pipelines screaming yee-haw :grin:


I think it’s run off of hexane and it’s a type of CCE plant. The crude hemp oil would have fat when it came out (req. winter)

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