Crude prices

I have my sample and COA sent to @Future , so the question is what is Winterized, decarbed Crude worth? Would it be worth purchasing equipment to turn the crude into disty?

55ish% CBD
1.75% THC

Thanks guys just trying to not get ripped off.

winterized, decarbed crude should be a little bit more potent. I make crude that is around 70% after winterizing.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. We start with about 10-11% cbd Electra. CO2 extracted and the purity test came back at 55% after going through a RotoVap

CO2 pulls a lot of other compounds from the biomass. You might look into an LLE step to remove sugars after extraction.

@ExTek90 knows more about co2 ive never done it myself

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We do a 10:1 Ethanol hot filter through a sambo trolley, then 10:1 Ethanol at -40c, both through a 45 micron and DE, then repeat a 10:1 at -40c through a 10 micron and repeat through a 1.5 micron. Then goes into a RotoVap where it’s decarbed.

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sounds like your winterizing is on point. I wonder what else is in your oil if its not fats. If potency is a serious concern, which it may not be for some buyers, I would consider trying an LLE with hexane or heptane like nomad suggested. If there are sugars in your crude and the buyer is running a wiped film as opposed to a short path, they are gonna be in for a nightmare of charring their delicate system



Thanks for all your help @Apothecary36

Thanks. I’ll research LLE

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Carbon scrub.

Edit: CO2 extracted crude should not have sugars in it unless the parameters were extreme.

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Can hook y’all up with a great carbon scrub SOP for cheap. It’s usually for ethanol oil but it’ll work for C02 I’d also alter s couple of your polishing methods. Just my 2 cents

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This was warm extracted ethanol crude- dirty as can be

Hot scrubs, degum, methanol winterization, and heptane LLE to yield this- you can see the gold in there- tested at 68% CBD.

Can you dm your price?