Crude crystallizing?

Is there a reason why my crude is crystallizing? It’s only been doing this recently, and I just went to know what is causing this. Thanks !

Probably because it’s good crude, which crystallizes regardless of being distilled if pure enough.


Its a good sign your purity is higher than its been on previous runs. My crude crystallizes too, depending on the starting material it can happen fast.


I think that this is from THC trim, and not CBD crude… Is this right OP?
(He has another post titled different with the same photos, asking the same question.)


Good (no winterized) thc crude crystallizes too. I’ve got some pretty nasty THC crude (pre-2018 days) that had crystals.


Thank you !

Appreciate you !

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Appreciating @Capttripppp is lovely, but actually CONFIRMING that we are looking at thca would make it easier for others to be helpful…

Looks like decent crude, also looks like you left a fair amount of ethanol in it. Thca crystallizing would not be out of the question. It is far more common for CBD crude to precipitate, and CBG will do this at the drop of a hat.

As you didn’t state one way or the other, the most likely guess was CBD. Posting it first in a HEMP thread really didn’t help…

I’ll take that as confirmation that your input was THC dominant trim.

What are you doing with it next?

If you’re decarbing, then the problem will either go away, or get worse. If that is THCa, then it will get better. If it’s sugars, decarb will make it worse.

If you want help, make it easier for folks to help you.

Tell us enough about your process (eg THC vs CBD, temps, goals) that we don’t have to spend the first few posts playing 20 questions.

I recommend this search query to get you further down the road…

Edit: First Attempt at EHO Diamonds because some folks prefer to look at this phenomenon as a feature.


Usually we will decarb it before we start running it thru the distillate machine. I’m still learning and new here, so I just want to make sure I’m informed correctly. I don’t want to run crude and find out I have been fucking up. I have never seen crude crystallize like this before

I’ll take that as an answer to

you could do with a little more precision in both your questions and answers.

so read up on it… starting with the links provided.

I get that.

Most folks posting here with crystals in their ethanol extracts have never seen them before…

that’s why you were given links to explore. so you could see other examples.

if you do/have done that assigned reading you’ll know/learn that you might be looking at sugars, or THCA.

depends on how you extracted…

so you might also want to go ahead and tell us what you’re doing to get to crude.

edit: here they are again if you didn’t see them.

First Attempt at EHO Diamonds

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Thank you sir. I’m definitely going to take more time to look into it :pray:t3:

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