Croptober Oklahoma License Crash of 2023

Today almost half of the licensed market (5000+ licenses) have been deactivated. The Oklahoma black market just became the biggest cannabis black market overnight.

Trick or treat from the Bureau of Narcotics. Didn’t see your comment @pdxcanna my bad

Please include a relevant link to your sources and if possible a snippet/quote of the article.


Not sure one is made yet. Here’s the article. @sidco

Everyone in the industry on social media is crying.

This information can be found by visiting the Oklahoma bureau of Narcotics. The source for the original images is a law firm, I prefer to not dox upset ex license holders. So I hope this comment helps.

Full Spectrum law firm xD now that’s fuckin funny.


Weren’t they already the biggest :thinking: that number is still almost 2k above what omma have stated they want to get to :face_with_peeking_eye:


True, now it’s just multiplied guaranteed.