Crop Steering Method

Iv been following a few high level growers who are claiming to hit 4-5# a light running this tek using mainly aroya led lighting.
From what I understand they are finding the field capacity of the substrate (maximum capacity of the substrate before achieving runoff ) and hitting with a 3-10% shot size (of the field capacity of your substrate) of food every 15-45 mins depending on your dry back times.
Also they are running much higher temp, humidity and co2 levels farther into flower keeping the plant in a generative state producing more reproductive parts.
No Topping , 8-16 day veg time 4-5 a light let’s talk about it.

This is where I got the info


I’ve spoken with a couple agronomists about this and it’s above my pay grade. I will happily learn in this thread.

I have a hard time believing 8-16 day veg will yield 4-5 a light. 29:00 into that first video definitely didn’t look like 4-5 a light.


One definitely needs the necessary equipment to measure / calibrate all of the variables and log the data.
Im currently making some changes to a few of my rooms and will definitely be investing more into this method.
I’m running 3 gal cocoa bags / pots under the think.gro model H I feel like my biggest problem is hand watering and not having moisture meters to tell me where my dry back is at


How do you like the model h, i just ordered a few to try out.


Me and the homie were just talking about this same method of crop steering last night, we’re about to start playing around with it as well. Excited to see where this thread goes!

Just grabbed 4 of the Gavita CT 1930e’s, going to run a table with them and see if they’re the 1:1 replacement they claim.


@FicklePickle I think its time to meet the other local homie.


I really like being able to adjust the spectrum that’s what sold me on the fixture and the troll master compatibility + plug and play set up just sweetens the deal

Thos ct 1930s look dope wondering how much heat they put off compared to the 1650 or 1700


Agreed. When and where?


Fuck I dont know. We gotta ask the guy…


Ya thats what i liked too, i already have far red i run for a short time after lights go out but itll be nice to have it all in one fixture. Also wanting to run it all by the trol master so figured it was a good light to start with while tinkering with led. Interested in hearing reviews on the gavita 1:1 replacement lights.

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I’m just now starting to play with the gavita 1700. I think I may end up with side bar supplementation. Hlg makes boards designed to hang vertically, too. The 1930 is supposed to replace a de hps, but it looks like it would require a higher ceiling than the bar style led.


Another factor they mention in that video is where your light levels should be at so you can blast them heavy for the first few weeks of flower in order to keep the generative growth going and stacking super tight on the space between the nodes


…This is a more dialed in version of what i’ve been slapping together for the last month or so - I totally attribute it to my 9lb swelling up like a motherfucker and I only had it running like that for the final 2 weeks. This will be an interesting cycle for fucking sure to see it from veg to finish. I don’t expect insane results like this but I can say for certain what happened was not your average run of the mill cycle swelling up THAT big on the dogshit lights they were under. I will keep yall posted, since I’ve been restricting the feeding and focusing the drippers where the roots primarily are it’s been a very very good result, upturned leaves all day long from veg to flower. Couple days into wk2 right now and still the same result with no wavering in health. I wanted to avoid overwatering in the biggest way possible and shit it didn’t do that bad of a job, enough that any further rooms i build in the future will be set up exactly. It really was unnerving at first because the fucking things WOULD NOT GET OUT OF FLOWER, we’re talking about 1.5 weeks after the recommended harvest time and the trichs were JUST turning, however the motherfucking nugs had exploded over the course of the whole trial. I thought they were mega pollinated by some fucking thing and now all my hard work was for shit. Potency is insane, weight wasn’t QUITE what they’re talking about but then again I only did it for about 2-2.5 weeks before I said fuck this shit and cut them down.I don’t agree with the weight talk about I do believe it makes the nugs chunkier and the plants overall heartier with big ol` fat trich heads.


I’m working with someone using this method. I think 5 a light is a ways off for us right now but 4 is possible. I’m setting up a room to dial in the method. Instead of a single row down the middle of 1k DE lamps to side by side dual 315’s. It necessary to bring your container/block size down to achieve rapid dry back.


How tall is your total canopy right now? I hit 3 a light with 30-48" tall canopy with the bottoms totally stripped off. The taller it gets, the more larf there is unless you clean, clean, clean leaves and lateral branches every day.


Sweet grow :100:


Das a lot of pot

I wonder what fulvic he uses


So you lollipopping them? And you are saying you do defoliate them like every day?? That room looks awesome

You must be vegging them for a bit yeah? 4 weeks?


I’ve been out of likes for 2 days now. Thanks guys. 8 week veg, 8 week flower, 1 week transition/trim. They are in big pots, though.

I would like to get back to the original crop steering topic. This is a new grow style that I want to do.

So dry down happens in small blocks or coco pots. What % moisture do you dry down to in the root zone? How much veg? How tall is the total canopy after cleaning up fans?


That’s where the lights come into play I had a similar issue , cranked down full spec and let them ride the last week ( flush) in more of a red spec, any stray hairs turned and really helped finish the trics

I am waiting on my harvest to dry so I can buy an aqua x and a moisture meter
Shout out craft farmer for supplying all the irrigation needs for this method