Creditors requesting for GenCanna to be put into bankruptcy

I have a gut feeling we will be seeing a lot of this in the future.


I hope all the florida mmcs go bankrupt next :rofl::joy:

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its gonna happen and in ten years all this shit will be back in the streets. Corporate America might be good for hemp but its not good for cannabis. Cannabis should always be small scale like real moonshine.


I think the market for cbd was way over estimated, and I kinda think thc is the same way too. There’s demand, but not these sky high dream scenarios for the industry is my guess.

Not everyone’s grandma is gonna get high.


I feel bad for anyone getting into the hemp space

ExtracTech is killing it right now, idk how small processor can compete

I’m pretty sure you guys are supposed to come out here next week to NV


I thought everyone knew they were going under? Especially when the building burnt down (insurance claim). The new name of the game is who can do it the cheapest. Less overhead=less liability=moreprofit.

I look at it like I do craft beer…

Indeed. About 50% of the time we sell a press we end up building it and they don’t have the rest of the money to take it. Luckily there always seems to be people who need the smaller ones. Can’t complain though as we have 120 in extraction labs across the US and Canada and a dozen or so others dewatering before a dryer.

I was just informed Rob and Savino are heading to NV next week.


Sunstrand in Louisville, Kentucky also filed for bankruptcy recently. They only did hemp fiber processing. Sad day

Wish we had laws to keep it local like the breweries. Keep big business out and allow the artisans to drive the local industry.


but there were so many verified consultants


They’ve been in BK for over a year?

Edit: old article just saw the recent post…