Credit Card Processing for CBD sales

Anyone who wants to be able to do credit card processing for CBD let me know. Working with an amazing company offering competitive rates. Online, B2B and B2C capabilities. You wont be kicked off once they vet you.

Rates can vary depending on your scores. ( Risk of what kind of business you are conducting) This is a national bank not Visa or MasterCard. They can do online processing, onsite machines almost anything you might need. So if your interested send a personal DM or contact my sales associate that is listed on the bottom of the PDF. Rates they have given out are has high at 5% and as low at 3% based on the risk of your business.Sales Deck - CBD.pdf (3.9 MB)

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Do they do d8 also or just cbd?

Yes that is ok since its a CBD derivative. Give Ian a call who’s contact info is at the bottom of the PDF he can walk you through what you need to do.

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