CRCing thawed WPFF

Was asked by a local in my area if CRCing some material that thawed out and then re freezed was necessary and or logical… I havent gone down the CRC road yet so I ask the community…

Probably necessary at this point. I’m sure the moisture from thawing released some chlorophyll. Even with crc you’ll most likely still get some color.


I’d recommend spinning it in a panda before running it. If you don’t have a panda then put your thawed biomass back in the freezer and wait till you have a panda, then let it thaw for a couple hours and spin dry. Extracting with externally wet material is not fun


Is there certain filter media that will work better in this situation than others? Like speciafially for chlorophyll

Silica60 on top to help pull the moisture followed by Perform6000 being the most acidic to break down the chlorophyll and lipids the moisture released

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