CRC Powder Ratios

I’m curious at this point if people are willing to share their powder ratios, what they’re using, how much per lb etc. Currently I’m using about 75% w1 and 25% ultra clear on top (essentially using it to mitigate clogs but its anecdotal at this point). I would say using about 100g/lb of w1:weight and maybe 30-40g/lb UC:weight. This is for dried and cured trim and biomass. Running -60 passive. Results have been great, but would like to get closer to that white color badder/sugar. At that point, does it really come down to material?

As I’m sure everyone sees, the market is weird with crc. Some love it, some hate it. If this is already a topic and I’m beating a dead horse, forgive me, but I looked through the threads and think it would be cool to get everyones opinions who’s willing to share. Thanks!


I dose differently, but in interest of the same thing. I either go off the known yield of my biomass (or guess) and aim for a 1:1 ratio of clay/media to oleoresin.

Seems to work well, I’ve been using a lower dose for remediated oil that doesn’t look like it’s been treated with clay.

I mainly extract for personal these days

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1:1:1:1 aa, t5, t41 and silica gel.

I personally like 1:1:1 aa, t5 and silica gel or 1:1:1 aa, t41 silica gel depending on how much color remediation is required (less aggressive for the former, more aggressive for the latter blend) while maintaining a fast flow rate because t5, t41 together in the same 1:1:1:1 ratio really slows down the flow rate.


I enjoy extracts with color and made with neutral or no media best, I never understood the appeal of the white stuff that smells and tastes like a urinal cake


I can’t agree more and I sell metric tons of the media.

I have absolutely no issue with this color.


I wonder what that looks like before they stir that back in…I either get much lighter yellow or a first pass disty color w a lil red in it

What if I told you you don’t need to, or perhaps, shouldn’t use that much media?

If you’re using that much media, you’re covering shit up. I’ve seen white material that tastes just like shitty wet “”"“fresh”"""" frozen, so we’re in agreement there.

Lot of folks see buttery yellow shit like Killa’s, and assume there’s no media used. I’m willing to bet that many use CRC and just don’t go for color remediation, and then don’t say or outright deny they use CRC, because customers are generally retarded and subject to hype.

Experienced operators aren’t targeting color, as Murphy Murri says. Best CRC I have doesn’t look like CRC, but absolutely was processed with acid activated clays.


my picture 100% was crc material. terps are fire!


I have always been confused on why people use 100+ grams of media per LB even with older material, it seems way overboard. We usually do 9-10lb runs so that much powder wouldn’t even fit in our column. We use 40g per LB of aa, ms, silica, b80 blend & have had nice results using freshly cured trim.

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This was made from a 8lb emotek extractor with a crc column right before collecting vessel. Achieved using t5 clay and silica gel 70-230 mesh. One set up of the crc column can filter up to three runs with the last run getting some coloration to it more than three runs will achieve a bright yellow color. The ratio used was a base layer of t5 clay 120g compressed down with the assist of a vaccum to ease compression. Then a layer of silica roughly 200g compressed in aswell. Lastly a top layer of A .5-.75 to 1 mix of t5 to silica roughly 180-210g compressed in the column aswell.
This ratio was meant to process 24-32lbs roughly and was the “best” base ratio to get it completely clear but butchered the cannabanoid flavors. Final product is a high thca uniform taste no real defining terps left in product.
I drastically dropped the ratio to work with single 8lb runs, lower ratios with better quality flower only use t5 and silica to capture all color little to no terpenes.
A good way to seperate canabanoids though. Processed my filter media to see what chemical compounds were being captured and was mainly cbd compounds and terps. Final testing was a high cbd cbn cbg product almost stable but tacky with a high citrus taste.
If color is only remediated crc is a great product but in most cases it ruins the integrity of the plant/strain it’s better used to achieve a bright yellow color. Not to say its not possible just takes a lot of r&d and communication with the growers. If grow conditions change you’re ratios will need to change with it. Some plants are not properly flushed the crc will capture majority of pesticides and residuals but the taste is damn near impossible to get out with out butchering the cannabanoid profile.
Experiment with layering the media. In my personal experience the t5 was capturing unwanted tastes/flavors some color, the silica was capturing all color some flavors.