CRC Media Efficiency on CBDa/CBGa Crude:Heptane Mix

Just working over costs and efficiency of different CRC media while looking at redundancy when filtering CBDa/CBGa crude:Heptane Mix. Anyone have any inputs on balanced ratios of media to clean crude efficiently but not too efficiently for isolation/crystallization?

I know there are lots of old threads on the subject… just wondering if people have come to a sort of general consensus.

Typically I run 3.5-5 :1 heptane:oleoresin by weight.

Depends on what your trying to accomplish. With cbga, you may run into issues of precipitation of the target compound just because of how much cbga likes to precipitate in non polar environments.

That said I would dilute cbga more then I would dilute CBDa! Aka 5:1 heptane: oleoresin. I’d keep solution slightly warm, just above RT at like 30ish C

As far as media ratios go, it really depends on how clean your crude is, is it winterized? Waterwashed? The more dirty the crude, the more media your going to need.


Thanks RockSteay.
Running 65% total cannabinoids, 60% CBDa or CBGa dominant.
Crude is from -40C ethanol, through filter skid and FEE.
If that helps with ratios - mainly wondering about most efficient uses of certain media to get to a point of getting a nice first crash.

I’d make a stack of the following, in order from bottom to top.

Sintered disc

Filter paper

Silica 60 ( you don’t need much, this is mainly to catch fines)


Activated carbon - AC will do a lot of the “heavy lifting” and most of your column mass should be AC. I use a mix of both powderized and granular carbon.

Activated alumina

Washed play sand ( this is optional, I usually put a layer of washed play sand on The top of my media stacks to act as a “cap” this prevents input flow from disturbing the media and aids in fluid distribution and helps prevent channeling, this is a classic chromatography trick!)

Many ways to go about this; all depends on scale, equipment, and what medias you have on hand. Obviously if you 50 gallons of solution to filter your going to need a ton more media then if you only need to filter 10liters

Hope this helps! Best of luck.


Ever try ethanol ?

non polar solvents seem to do the trick better.

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