Crc column size

I am currently using a 3x8 crc kit from one of our local heros killa (at quality stainless steel parts) and I am considering expanding it with another 3x8 to run more at once. I am considering switching it up completely but I was wondering what size columns people are happy with overall. In case I’m overlooking something I’d love to have some feedback from the gang if possible.

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u ever used a cake more than once?

Just add another spool or buy a longer one…just as you’ve already thought.

I have a 3" and a 6". I think the 3 performs better than the 6" as the flow is slower, allowing the needed residence time. Running a 6" I have to throttle the solvent and hope for no channeling. I never channel with the 3".


I’m rocking a 3x18

Works great. No channeling regardless of the psi.

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Damn straight! I did it a few times for science and of course benchmark my baselines. More runs usually has a little bit of a diminished return and turns out in different colors since the primary run did its job and the 2nd run just exhausted it. I need more space so I wanted to get some feedback from people like yourself that might have some ideas that I might have missed.

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That’s what I’ve been thinking about because of everything you listed here. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has this line of thought.

just making sure


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