CRC Channeling?

Okay, so I know that there is an outrageous amount of people asking questions about CRC, so before I start: my bad.

My set up top down:
3x36 material column
micron screen
CRC I made (All 4"… micron screen, then I put a filter paper, then W1, then DE, followed by 3 sintered discs with micron screens stepping down to 1um)
Collection pot.

I did my first attempt the other day, and my flow was good. I used minimal w1 this time, knowing I wouldn’t get my desired “CRC results”, just to make sure I wasn’t going to clog or anything of that nature.

Today I did my second run, with 51G W1 to an estimated 71g end product, 526g starting material.

The flow was still great. Maybe too great, cuz the color of the extract still came out SLIGHTLY better than without the CRC, opposed to the yellow I was hoping for. What does channeling look like? I’ve seen people talk about it, but have yet to see a picture. When I broke open the CRC to look it looked like this:

I did not bake my media, i ran my column cold out of a freezer, but did not use any DI except on collection, and used room temp solvent. I understand that this isn’t perfect tek by any means, but I was trying to dip my toes in as I wasn’t doing a full day in the lab.

Thank you in advance for any input. you guys rock.

First off, yes we do in fact rock.

Second, doesn’t sound like channeling. You said it went through “fast” which even using w1 can be too fast to allow for the contact time needed. You have done most of the work and don’t need us.

Make sure you don’t fill the crc too fast and blow the powders around. Other than that do exactly what you are doing and throttle the speed into your collection at the bottom of your crc. If color is not what you want you need to either add more powder or throttle to go slower. If you want to go faster etc add more powder.

Also helpful tip, people always just look at amount of powder being used but it’s all about depth. In a 4 inch 51g is not very deep. You need to have atleast a couple inches in there and run more material columns otherwise get a 3 inch crc or a 4 inch column etc.

That’s it.


I appreciate your input! ! That W1 is expensive af, 119$ at the end of it all for 500g, sounds like it would definitely be worth going down to 3". from what I’ve read I didn’t even bother to try the other media’s.

And just to clarify, you’re saying keep the ball valve between the crc & collection pot closed, soak, and then open it slowly? I can do that :nerd_face:

Before I go blowing money on 3" stuff I think I’ll give it another try this way with like 2 cups of w1. I just wanna see the results before I put anymore $$ into it haha


On cost of powders. W1 is the easiest to work with and the reason my instructions get to be so short. @Waxplug1 did an extensive amount of research on formulating a powder that would restrict the passing of color at high speeds and wonderful terp retention. On top of that he did most of that in a Buchner setup which makes me respect his grind (and by no means his safety standards at the time) at a high level. I would stick with the w1 until you become a grand wizard then you can branch out into others if you feel the need. You will blow more money on the issues with the other powders until ou know your shit.

On not blowing powders. Yes depending on how you run your setup etc you can fill your column and then slowly open top of crc. Or just fill your column with it open and you should be fine as long as you don’t have a crazy setup just be conscious to not juice the crc with pressure, gas etc.

On your setup. You can for sure make your current setup work. But like I said, load up enough to give you an inch or preferably 2 inches and run material through that over multiple runs and observe color as you go. Then use that info to calculate the amount of powder you want to use. If you are doing single 3x36 runs and switching material alot o would recommend getting a 3 inch crc like I said. Hit up @Killa12345 for that new hookup. I probably have a few extra 3" setups from our r&d rigs if you want to go used.


Run colder…everything on dry ice…(or get a proper chiller, but that’s rackz)

I fill my material column, once that’s full, crack my valve to my crc and fill that. Then soak for 15-20 minutes.

Then crack valve to collection and dial In your n2 charge until you reach your desired flow rate.

Key is running as cold as possible, colder you run, less you have to rely on crc. Crc should be a tool, not a crutch.

I can pull clear/white with less than .2 cups of b80 per lb of input material.


By no means was I hating on the hustle, I know ya gotta pay to play and I also respect the work waxplug did and continues to do. Watching the hounds reverse engineer waxplugs tek and then to watch them do it again to willys is awe inspiring to say the least. I also seem to pick up the most info reading those threads.

Anywho, think adding more W1 tomorrow to the cake I used today would be okay? Or should I throw it out and start fresh? And as far as the ball valve ATM it’s below the crc only. I don’t really like to soak the material unless I know it’s fire material.

I may take you up on the used 3" too! That would be sweet.

I’ll let ya know how it goes! Thanks again

I usually do run balls cold, n2 push on DI/iso bath etc but I just want to see with my own 2 eyes what CRC is capable of on its own.

You soak your crc for 15-20 minutes?

And I’ve debated getting a chiller, but don’t they take a while to get things down to temp? Like I can leave 3 sleeved tubes with dry ice while running a 4th and switch out. With a chiller wouldn’t it be like putting dry ice in the sleeve and then waiting for it to get cold?

Sounds like he’s running as cold as he can and not soaking and I was trying to address the question he stated otherwise I agree with all of your other statements except the last one.

I can get water clear with .25 cups of b80 per lb but not with his current setup. Even with fire material and cold as shit that’s only a half cup or less of b80 depending on how tight he packs his 3x36 in a 4 inch crc?

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I let my material column fill, crack valve to crc, let that fill. And yes, then soak for 15 to 20 minutes

Everything in dry ice.

Then push the rest of my solvent through.

I use a 3” crc, all 1/2” lines

And like @Greenz said, water clear at .2 cups of b80 per lb, all about running cold imo/ime


Rock on. I do usually run everything cold af, I was just trying to see the raw power of the W1.

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