CRC and Flavonoids

Just curious if anyone has any data or knows more about the possible loss of flavonoids during CRC. My THC and Terpenes remain basically unaltered during the process, but I have a sneaky feeling that im not just pulling undesirables, but also some of those flavones/flavonoids that can be just as important to the ‘entourage effect’ as everything else.

Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Are you using silica?

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I dont think an entourage effect has ever been proven to actually exist.

But yes, CRC typically involves the use of polar media. It makes sense that the polar media is going to hold onto compounds that are more polar. Terpenes being mostly non polar have no trouble making it thru, but terpene esters, alcohols, and such will be happier to stick with the media.

These lesser compounds are what make up the diversity of aromas in cannabis. It’s thw reason why botanically derived TERPENES are shitty products for adding to distillate.



Thanks!! Totally agree about the botanically derived terps.

I don’t think people understand what flavonoids are.

Short answer: CRC changes a lot of things. CRC as we use it is an extremely broad term.

Problem is everyone does it different. Different adsorbents/ph will affect different areas but there’s just so many variables at play.

Some things get trapped. Some things turn to different things. I’ve been looking at how individual dirts affect a before and after test but with a true CRC SOP it’s never going to be that simple.


Don’t use silica unless you have to. Stick to bleaching clay like w1 or ct1 from

Silica works great in combination with the clays when material is coming out dark still. (Old material) . However it will eat away at your flavor


It takes some soaking to pull those last component flavanoids…makes sure your solvent is at temp about -60c and columns filled w dry ice frozen material, then load the jackets up to keep it frozen…then give it about 10-15min soak if u have 6inch columns especially. A true dewaxer is ideal then to remove any fats wax lipids picked up then send it through the crc…u can use less powders then they won’t rob u as bad


Dude, you continually talk shit about flavonoids and tell people you don’t think they understand them… it’s fucking hilarious bro.

Flavonoids are important to cannabis extracts. The anti oxidant properties, the metabolic properties, the olfactory properties. All very important. We all know flavonoids are bitter. We don’t think they taste great. However we know they are used to improve flavor in food all the time. Similar to how catechin is used to improve the flavor of granola bars.


This and enzyme identification/isolation is Currently what my research is geared towards extremely interesting stuff!


Your speaking to my soul! I agree with this 100%. My solution to this is coming down to creating an sop for assessing the biomass to better pick the right sorbents for it. For example is it dry or spongy? Light or dark green/brown? Age? Etc.


Sounds pretty on point with how we are currently running! I’ve mentioned bringing in an actual dewaxing step here at work, but it keeps getting shot down.

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If anyone is ready collaborate on research both on the cultivation side, extraction side, and analytical side we can make these standardly known.


Your exactly right!!! I’m developing SOP for Polar compound isolation. Silica is incredible with alumina for the darker. But man does it pull all polar flavonoids. If your going to dump terps it don’t matter. But I do believe they matter in an entourage effect. The effect is not what bud tenders say it is. Claiming terps are responsible for you sativa high. Wrong. But if you eat some streamlined concentrate vs RSO you will understand what the entourage effect really is. The concentrate has a thinner feeling. Skim milk. The RSO is full body full spectrum. Who am I telling. Much luv!

I am in !
Propane terpene extracts only no cannabinoids I can explain sop in DM

Seperation of flavonoids by means of beads


For sure some flavs/terps get lost in the process, limit the media being used. Chemteks Media is great! I use a mix of w2 x AA @ 15% - did wonders on 2 year old trim for me at 15%. Nice color and crashed pretty gnarly but the aroma/flavor was boof (obviously). Worked on trim that was 2 months old, came out way too white and smell/flavor was to clay like @ 15%. dropped down to 2% – STRAIGHT fire now!. Terps and flavonoids are all

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