Course pricing for post processing

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I was wondering if someone has pricing for courses that my partner and I can come do in the USA regarding Post processing. ( initial processing, post-processing, distillation, fractional distillation, vape cart formulation)
We are coming from South Africa and are keen to see what the leaders in the industry can show us.
We want to go view cultivation facilities, extraction facilities, even home extraction setups.
Basically, we would like to meet who we can that is willing and able to educate us.

Also any suggestions on green-friendly accommodation in the areas where it all happens. (Maybe AirBnB)??


ru trying to do multiple courses from a bunch of people or find one course that does all this?

I would rather do a whole bunch with the same company, keeps the admin down. and besides im sure one persons SOP is different to others.

I know Lab Society does a whole range. But who do I go with Lab Society or Summit?

How do u plan on extracting? cause it effects how u do post purification in many instances. Ive worked as a small family grow, extraction/purification and vape pen business for 8 years and just recently started working with large scale cbd extraction operations designing systems and facilities. I dont really put on classes tho and dont really pay attention who does but do know which companies are focused on this topic and might be able to point u in the right direction. What type of end product ru going for?
but of those two i would recommend lab society over summit but they are both distillation focused companies. so other techniques like liquid-liquid extraction or chromatography might not be covered

Well we were thinking of doing Butane/Propane extraction or Ethanol. Co2 is very expensive from what ive researched.

End product could be a range of products. but I would like to focus on learning how to use an SPD and all that comes with it, make vape carts, recreational dabs (wax, shatter, butter, crash diamonds) please excuse my terminology. I guess running a CLS or ethanol machine comes with practice?

ur right about co2 being expensive for extraction and i dont think its worth the additional expense over cryogenic ethanol. butane can be a great option but is sometimes a target of politics cause of its fire risk. its not really hard to run a CLS or ethanol machine its just different products often use the same equipment differently. getting a specific product consistently is what takes practise. SPD is always gonna be the major path but there r many other processes that can be used in post purification. and if all u do is distillation u might have other complications

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I strrongly recommend the ERS classes (A branch of Lab Society fyi) shoot me an email if you need more in depth assistance

Do you perhaps know what the cost on those courses are?

Somewhere around 3k I think?

If you have cash too buy a facility I have the facility… and the training too go along with it… hit me up at

@Future . Do u know if labsociety teaching crystalize too ? ( product like guildextract ) . Im from canada , i wanna take that course badly ! Thanks !

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For CBD isolate they are

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