Cost for white labeling cartridges?

Hi I’m wondering what the cost of white labeling cartridges should be? We have our own distillate and terpenes and are providing it to another company to white label it for us in a 510 cartridge and are charging 2 dollars per cartridge. It seems a little high. What is the typical rate for a service like this?

Are you providing the cartridge or are they?

Are they homogenizing the distillate and terps or are you doing that?

Are they packaging the carts when filled or just giving them back to you to be packaged?


We are providing the carts, packaging, they are taking our materials and putting it together for a final product, getting it tested, stickering and distributing.

The testing and distribution is included in the $2 per cartridge?

It is not, we’re charged for the testing and 20% distro fee. This is just to fill the cart and labor involved in scheduling testing.

$2 a cart… Seems fair, but I wouldn’t pay that. For a little investment you can get an automatic filler. And cover the cost with about 6000 carts. You could get a cheaper semi auto filler like a 50 shot and cover it in like 200 carts. Just dosent seem like a good idea to pay someone to basically package your product for you.


Whats the typical rate you see? I have to simply because we don’t have the space and resources so we have to outsource it.

I’ve never paid to have my product packaged, but it seems like a fair price all things considered. You can’t expect people to do shit for free. Unless it’s yourself.

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I think @qma could have his wook fill crew come to you and knock it out for cheaper. I know fill service is legit and dialed in. I’m sure he consults too!


If you have all of those items and you are licensed then $2 each is a bit much imo. It all depends on your volume. Some packaging goes WAY faster than others. Also, look into blackbird for your distro. They’re around 10% last I checked.


Labor from teams I’ve encountered:
Homogenization- $50-150 per batch
Filling: $0.05-0.5
Capping: $0.05-0.5
Packaging: $0.10-1.0

There are a ton of variables:

Is this traditional or licensed market?

How much business are you bringing this team? Are you bringing them thousands of carts a week?

How many flavor batches are you doing?

How difficult are the carts you want filled?

How many steps does it take to close your packaging? This is most important

If they are also selling your carts, it seems like they are doing all the heavy lifting.


I’m paying $2 per cart as well - I think that’s a good deal for small volumes.
Once you’re talking 10,000 units + then you could get cheaper but they don’t want to talk to you for small runs.

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How many pieces are we talking about?

I know I’d be pretty happy to get $2 per fill. How many do they get done per day out of curiosity?

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