Corken T91 & T291 for sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: Corken T91 & T291
Description: 2/3lb min model and 4/6lb min model
Price/MSRP: $ Lowball me
Current location of item: Orange County, CA
Estimated lead time: 0 Days
Fulfillment: Pick Up
User support / Warranty: T91 (1000-1100 hrs run time) T291 (1500-1600 hrs run time)

Bumpasaurus Rex

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Count Bumpula

Bumps for Jesus

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Bumptimus Prime

Somehow hope you never sell the unit s
For your bumbs are fun !
Nah kidding hope you get rid of them soon



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Bump 6k for the t291

BUMP 6k FOR T291

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Dm me

Is the pump 3 phase?

T91 is single
T291 is 3 phase

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Send me a DM please