Copper turned my dabs black!

I had some beautiful dabs, but they tasted like sulfur, so I attempted to remediate with copper scrubbers. I winterized my dabs in everclear. When the copper scrubbers turned black, I would remove them and wash in citric acid, then rinse with water and dry in vacuum oven. Continue that process until scrubbers stopped turning black. The problem is that the copper turned my beautiful amber dabs black. I’ve tried using Activated Charcoal Decolorizing T1, then filtering through a silica 60A slurry in a buchner funnel, but my winterized solution is still black. The silica seems to be removing the charcoal, but black color still comes through.

How can I remove this black color and get my dabs looking amber again?

Distill then again?

Sounds like he doesn’t have distill just winterize…

What equipment do u have?

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glass jars, 2 liter filter flask, vacuum pump, vac ovens, buchner filter, filter papers, activated charcoal, silica, everclear. No distillation equipment or roto vap.

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Dis you happen to clean the copper scrubbers before use?

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Thats the leftover stuff from the copper / sulphur reaction

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How do I get rid of it?

I do not have distillation equipment.

Even if you spd it, the sulfur smell will come thru unless you put copper scrubbers in the head.

And may need to run 2x vs 1x.

These are the copper scrubbers I used, and I did not clean them before adding them to my winterized solution. It looks like the copper rusted in the everclear, and I’m not able to filter the black stuff out. I’m using activated charcoal, and filtering through a silica slurry inside coffee filters through a buchner funnel. Suggestions on how to remove the black color are appreciated. AC decolorizing T1 didn’t remove the black stuff.

Would Color Bleach T41 (acid activated bleaching clay pH 3) help?

Is there a filter media that will remove this black rusty stuff?

How much product are you trying to save?

about 1.5 ounces

Get a 3" diameter sintered filter. Do a little DCVC


CRC will take care of the color but that would be up to someone with more experience if there will be heavy metals left in it

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Would a hexane plus saline water wash in a sep funnel work to trap the black stuff in the water layer, which gets discarded? This looks easy without expensive equipment. I already have a sep funnel, but I could use a large ziplock bag as a sep funnel as well.


which filter media do you recommend using to trap the black stuff?

Activated alumina maybe?

I will try that. Thanks.

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why did your dabs taste like sulfur?