Cooling System Lab Chiller Equipments

Item Model/Manufacturer: Air Cooler Industrial Chiller Lab 200l Ethanol Chiller -120c Chiller
Description:Circulating chiller is mainly used to provide low temperature liquid and low temperature water bath, combined with rotary evaporator and reactor for multi-functional chemical reaction.
Price/MSRP: $15000-28500(have space :pinching_hand:
Current location of item:China/US
Estimated lead time: 7-15Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: One year and Lifelong after-sales service

Coolant Temp(℃):-120°C
Tank Volume(L):100L
Temperature Precision(℃):±1
Cooling Capacity(W):30000W
Flow rate(L/min):43L/min
For more details, please send me a message, thanks!

Can you post the cooling wattages at the corresponding temperatures?

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The normal temperature:46789W

Wow! My old Huber 815 is going to 60k right now. And that was only 200w @ -80.
what is the price of the 8.1kw @ -80? $28500?
Im bookmarking this page and will likely be buying one within the year.

Does anyone want to weigh in on the performance of these? I know huber is highly complicated and priced accordingly but 40x more cooling for half the cost seems a little to good to be true to me. Am I going to have to explain a $30,000 paperweight to my boss after a year?

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We specialize in equipment for more than ten years, and serve every customer and every order attentively, focusing on providing good quality and price. If you choose us in the future, it will be a very different experience,as for the price,Oh, that is -120°C

Is this available In the US?

Now in the warehouse at the port, private message you for more details!

You supply warranty for unit?

Sure,one year

What does this warranty cover?


Covers, ALL, ALL.


100% coverage, unless it breaks.


Not only beautiful but also capable :innocent:

Low-temperature Coolant Circulation Pump
Flow: 35L/min
Lift: 12m
Refrigerant: R404/R23A
Coolant temperature: -80℃
Cooling capacity:
0°C: 12050W
-20°C: 11062W
-40°C: 6688W
-60C: 2378W
-80C: 1350w
Overall power: 10500W
Max. Input Current: 26 amps
Power supply: 220V/60Hz 3 phase
Environment temperature: 5~35℃
:face_with_raised_eyebrow:If the above requirements are met, you can take it with you.

are these water cooled? looks like it but i cant tell.

unfortunately I’m doing an analytical consult at a lab that had one of these exact chillers (smaller but same brand) break down. prelim diagnostics is that the compressor itself failed as the fan still works but the system will only heat, not cool, and they now are hoping to hire an industry-friendly HVAC guy because the person that sold it to them is now unresponsive. On that note, anyone that can repair equipment like this that has industry-specific knowledge in the OKC metro, I have a gig for you!

I’m not saying this is isn’t a great deal relative to some super expensive chillers I’ve seen that have their own issues (Huber, looking at you guys…) but at least Huber has reps that will do on-site diagnostic and repair visits, so if anyone is planning on purchasing this for a key purpose in their lab, say, solvent recovery for industrial-scale EtOH extraction, you might just buy one of these under the assumption that they’re 66% cheaper but plan on doing your own maintenance or budget to buy one a year.

Word to the wise from a knuckle dragger that just saw one of these break down :metal:t3:

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shoot me a dm w any questions regarding replacing compressors on this system. I just went through this about 2 months ago myself with a -40c/100L and -80c/100L. Not a hard job without language barrier


Can choose, the video is air-cooled, because it does not need too many cooling holes.

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First, determine whether it is a high-low temperature integrated machine, turn on the refrigeration separately, and see if it can work. If it is -80°C, check whether there is a problem with the primary compressor or the secondary compressor.