Cool potato recipes

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Butt whole.


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Sweet, this thread is much better now.



You got that Papas Bravas one? :eyes:


Get some Yukon Gold & put them in cold water. Peel, slice in half & cube. Return cut pieces to cold water.

Add water, cumin, smoked paprika & salt to a pot & bring to a boil. Reduce to low & cover for 10 minutes.

Add sliced potatoes & bring to a boil, cook until they can get pierced with a knife.

Drain potatoes & place on a wire rack to cool for upwards of 45 minutes.

Transfer potatoes to a bowl, combine with a cooking oil with a high smoke point & rough salt. Mix thoroughly to create abrasion on the potato surface.

Preheat an air fryer to 400 & put them in for 20-25 minutes shaking the basket every five minutes.

Top with some of this:


And some of this if you’re going for more of a Catalan style. It’s vegan as well if that’s a concern.


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Ok so you you get some russets wash em and boil with skin on till they are soft to a knife. Peel then run through a potato ricer , bring some milk to a boil, add an ungodly amount of cold butter cubed to riced potatoes. Pour/ stir in boiling milk slowly, salt and pepper to tastes. Best mashed taters youll ever have


Get some Chinese child labor potatoes in there and you got some dank.



duck fat for the win, only thing the brits and paddies can make good, and hey stole the confit from the french.




Can’t go wrong with a ratatouille(variant).

Red and yellow gold potatoes, zucchini, purple Cherokee tomatoes all sliced uniformly between 1/8-1/4” thickness.

Blanch taters. Then pat dry.

Grease/butter baking pan or tray. (Olive oil or avacado oil, add butter for richer taste)

Start to layer in the varying vegetables/fruits in an order leaving about 1/3” overlap/ hang to show the face of each individual piece.

Season with S&P, small amount of paprika, rosemary leaves, layer in 3-4 twigs of thyme around the spread.

Add 1-2 whole garlic cloves around the spread. (Broken down but whole)

Roast in oven at 385°f for 35-45 min.

Enjoy smells now overtaking your cooking area.

Serve over bed of rice or next to pasta with pesto. :pinched_fingers:t4:


you serve starches on starches and next to starches?

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Anybody ever medicate their potatoes? Seems like with all this fat and oil in these recipes that it would be pretty easy to slip in some disty…


I’ve done green eggs and ham with some medicated home fries back in the day. Little disty sounds more appealing than a big slab of weed butter though

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LOADED baked potatoes

*bake about 10 potatoes until fork tender
*cut in half and scoop half the potato into a mixing bowl
*leave little tater boats on a baking pan
*mix all potatoes in bowl with sour cream, lots of cannabutter, tons of cheddar and monterey jack, and bacon bits
*spoon mixture back into potatoes and add more cheese on top.
*bake at 425 until cheese is nice and melty
*add fresh chopped green onions



The duality of man:


Don’t be scared of the bulk become the bulk

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I’ve infused quite a few hot/cooked dishes. I think my favorite was infused butter poached crab legs.

Worst was 60 day dry aged steak. Infused the butter and then coated it in it for the dry age, after pulling all the trimmings off I thought it would be a great idea to sear it in garlic butter, I didn’t have garlic to make it so I used “garlic spread” long story short don’t use garlic “spread” for anything but garlic bread, especially when you’re high.


How is that baked potato not shamrock green after all that :joy: