Converting THC to CBN in California

6.6.A Processor that extracts THC or THC-A from a hemp crop must submit for approval by the Agency a disposal plan that ensures the THC and THC-A is disposed of in a manner that renders the THC and THC-A unusable and that accounts by process lot number all THC or THC-A removed.

I was curious if converting your THC instead of disposing it was good enough for the state agency? Does anyone have experience doing this?

Yes but don t ask how :upside_down_face:
For that tech is kept very secret by those that know

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We can do it, I am just wondering if California is okay with disposing in that matter.

Interested also. Gonna follow this one.

“We uh… incinerated it”


On a big ass bonfire :joy:
Or in a thousand press rolled ,s😁