Converting O2 tank into solvent tank. Thoughts and opinions?

I have a big o2 tank. I stripped down the top of it and was hoping to convert it into a solvent tank. Any thoughts ir opinions on this?

If it is rated to hold liquid o2, it will be more than sufficient as a solvent tank. However, you will need to find a competent fabricator/machine shop to safely complete this project.

I’m a huge fan of repurposing and innovating different products, but I also have 15 years of fabricating experience. All modifications should be performed by qualified personnel.

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What is the tank made of?

Looking closer, it looks like aluminum…which is nfg

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It is a stainless steel cryogenic container

Those are not rated for the pressures you need it s Basicly a dewar
Mostlikely rated till 45psi or less

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Did it hold gaseous oxygen or liquod oxygen? Or like roguelab said is it basically a dewar flask?

It’s made for liquid oxygen. It’s rated for 180. I suppose, that’s more than what 304 is rated for. I stripped the top as you can see and it’s solid welded 1/4 inch threads i can screw ball valves too.

He should email @Indofab and ask for fabrication

We don’t suggest using a cylinder that was used for anything but HIGH purity 99.5% plus industrial or medical grade butane, propane, or isobutane. That is our suggestion.

What application was it used for prior to you receiving it? Yes it’s stainless steel but some nasty residues can accumulate from field grade product and that is why I ask what application it was used in the past. When and if you re-fabricate it there will inevitably be metal trimmings and other unwanted particles that get into the interior of the tank. Do a wash or TWO of the interior before use possibly with another solvent like butane.