Converting a walk in cooler to a c1d1? Is it logical?

Hello I am wondering if anyone has converted a walk in cooler to a c1d1 and if it is sensible or should i start from scratch? I have a 16x13x8 ft cooler and it is just regular tin with foam in between. I am in Michigan and want to find someone who can help with the process.

The issue with a C1D1 walk in is that your required air change rate will be taking all the cold air out of you freezer. Other than that, it’s not really any different than any other C1D1 room. The fans on the evaporator need to be rated of course

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So I guess I have to put a fire rated walls on the inside and outside and I am removing the refrigeration unit and then as well putting in a whole new HVAC with a LEL exhaust system as well as the gas detectors and fire suppression. I think I found a turnkey solution isn’t much more than what I am planning on spending though.

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Turn key has tons of options, but (in my opinion) the best part of having a turn key unit (Ostensibly) is having somewhere to place blame… Other than yourself of course

Taking a packaged C1D1 unit and installing a suitable refrigeration system may be an easier option than bringing an existing walk in up to C1D1 (although ultimately they’re not that different). Again, you’ll need a monster refrigeration system to keep up with all the outside air you have to bring in. An airside economizer would help but I’d guess 3-5x as much cooling will be necessary than a regular walk in of the same size.

Oh we’re not keeping it refrigerated for this one…we’re simply convert to C1d1 extraction booth.

But now I have to remove the cooler walls and basically just use the space and drop the turnkey set up in there.

Yeah I’m not really sure what would be left. I have seen walk ins that have sufficiently thick walls to contribute to fire rating but if that’s not the case, when you remove the AC and walls, you’re really not left with anything but the floor

Yeah so I’m finding out. Lol…I’m gonna tear it out soon and then start over which sucks because I truly thought we could use the cooler for C1d1.