What u guys thinking about this coa🧐

I’m thinking it’s a doctored coa. It’s weird not to have any cbd at all in either conventional or conversion.

Just Cbg and d9. That’s weird and resembles conventional but it’s super weird to have nd for cbd on either option


Resolution alone looks like a COA taken from Google images, and possibly doctored in post

Damn almost same day testing too. either the lab sucks or kicks ass


This test does not show sufficient information to determine if it is a conversion product or not.

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Have you tried verifying it using the QR code so it shows the original on their site? I’m sure there’s a way to scan a QR code from an image but you could just print a copy and scan it.

Numbers look like it could go either way. Wouldn’t be hard to add a dash of CBG to make it look like it contains minors. Those would be the first two things I’d expect to always show up on THC flower since many THC genetics do produce much more CBG than CBD. I’d check it out on the site before anything.

Edit: The QR code seems too distorted to be readable. The imagine quality may very well have been wrecked in the process of taking a screenshot, sending it, uploading it here, etc but the same will often happen if it was edited in PS. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion it was that but I’d definitely request the original PDF file and verify the COA on the lab’s portal before trying to make any other assumptions.


If the starting material employed was CBD isolate (which won’t have anything other than CBD; and which is usually employed for the said conversion), and the conversion was 100%, leaving no CBD behind, then the only cannabinoids present would be the ones which would potentially be derived from CBD under the reaction conditions (viz. Δ⁹-THC, Δ⁸-THC, possibly some CBN). CBD won’t convert to CBG, under the reaction conditions which are usually employed for CBD → Δ⁹-THC conversion. So…

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…it was added after?

This test doesn’t check the right cannabinoids to answer the question definitively.

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