Conversion Safety

I’ve noticed with alot of the talented Canna Chemist here that have been alot of accidents.

We all have had accidents. Pretty bad ones. Seems alot of us have gotten lucky lately.

Talking to @RockSteady I think we should have a conversion Safety thread so nobody kills themselves.

Where are my conversion chemist at?


number 1 rule should be dont use any catalyst or reagent you dont know everything about or the potential safety concerns when using said chemical.

@RockSteady has said it before but you should always be prepared for the worst and if working with acids have a neutralizer readily available incase it comes in contact with your skin.




Don’t touch/breath any of these chemicals. Unless you want cancer.


+eyes rinsers
+absorbant (eg vermiculite based stuff)


So some rules of thumb; most of these should be no brainers; but for the sake of enlightening people.

This is the most important rule. By far. Wear PPE. You dont suit up in tyvek and full faces to look cool.

  1. Never pressurize a glass reactor; always allow for a “weakest link” in the system to work as a prv. Ie never use kek clips or clamps on atleast 1 port.

  2. Dropwise always. Make your additions always in a dropwise fashion; never just pour the entire beaker in. You should be using pressure equalizing addition funnels.

  3. Always double clamp your heater lines; I’ve had recirulating heater lines pop off mid reaction; spraying hot thermal fluid all over the place.

  4. For R&D work always use a hood. And downright dont do R&D and method development if you dont know what your doing. If you dont have in house analytics dont even think about converting.

  5. If all you can do is run SPD; for God’s sake; dont jump into converting; you will have a bad time. The market has enough boof.

  6. Operate always in a c1d1 space. If you cut corners you will probably blow yourself up.

  7. Respect organometallic catalysts.

  8. Research the shit out of every compound be for using it. Wikipedia’s pages and google searches dont cut it and are not proper research.

  9. If a material is polyphoric; YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SCALE IT TO THE REACTOR SCALE WITHOUT DROPING A MIL OR TWO INTO INFRASTRUCTURE. Quite frankly I would only trust a handful of people here to even touch polyphoric materials. DONT DO IT.

  10. Install secondary catchments on all reaction vessels.

  11. Respect vapors; you should use appropriate gas traps for the reaction your doing. Dont gas out your facility and potentially kill everyone.


We shouldn’t even bring that genre up :joy::rofl: I wouldn’t trust my team with those chemicals. That’s syaing something.



Pretty much this! Rofl

Heres another important one imo;

Alot of you may know; I dont sell SOPs; alot of you know that I will collaborate with you free of charge IF you know what your doing. I specifically do this for safety reasons. I dont want chad blowing up his pops lab because he wants to buy a new Rolex. Just not happening.

I hope those of you in the know; can put aside that desire to make some quick cash to keep the industry safer.


@RockSteady couldn’t have said it better myself!!! Thank you for taking the time to say all that!!!


I think that with all of these new members joining the site in hopes of learning how to convert cannabinoids that the regular members here should start threads on how to safely perform basic lab procedures. A stickied refluxing thread for instance would have a lot of value to these newbies coming out of the woodwork. Experienced members could open up a dialogue about condenser style, condenser configuration, boiling flask selection, mantle selection, and safety tips etc. I know many of us are opposed to spoon feeding but at this point I think we have an obligation to try and teach these newbies safe lab practices.

Edit: if anyone new to the site is looking for assistance learning the method of isomerization then please contact a more experienced members before attempting this on your own. Feel free to DM just about anyone who has posted in this thread including myself. We will happily walk you through what you need to know to stay safe while achieving your goals.


This is a great idea but I feel like the big concern is that if they can’t be bothered to read Zubrick et. Al. Which have been referenced here a million times, they almost certainly won’t read the basic lab procedures threads. To be clear, I am speaking explicitly about only a set of the lurkers and new readers, it certainly doesn’t diminish the value of such topics. Just pointing out idiots will still bypass all the relevant safety info and proceed directly to the manufacturing poison by accident section.


Yeah that does seem to be the running trend among people who DM me looking for pointers. Idk, anyone have any thoughts on how to incentivize new people to do the required reading?

I’ll say this much: if you’re reading this and you’re unsure of whether or not you are qualified to perform these reactions then you definitely aren’t qualified enough. DM a regular member please. I’ll happily speak with anyone on the subject, and I’m sure most others on here will as well. We will keep you safe to the best of our abilities.


I haven’t been on here for very long but I feel like when I got here, everyone was anti spoon-feeding. Now the regulars are begging the new kids to take the spoons. Crazy times


I’m sure there’s a way for @sidco (hopefully with minimal effort) to require a certain number of reading hours to unlock particular threads, something like how the Toking Lounge is reserved for regulars only. That’s the only way I can think of doing it without standing over each individual’s shoulder and verifying their process/science knowledge. This system wouldn’t guarantee that the individual seeking access to said threads has read the right stuff, but it seems better than nothing. :man_shrugging:


That’s a great idea


“Reading hours” I’m having a hard time believing I’ve read near 40,000 posts / 7 days of reading time. I idle on this site often and have most sections set for notifications.


Apparently, I’m up there too, and I need maybe another hobby. Haha.


I don’t think that there is much you can do. Some people are just completely unrealistic in what they want to achieve based on what they know. I spend my time here reading, everyday I read, and read. I’m still personally at soxhlet extraction. I’ve run a loop a few times, but I know where I stand. That’s why I read. Thank you everyone for supplying the information, because yes it’s there, and there’s probably multiple posts with the information. I’m learning how to properly do things the right way, and all I have to do is read… Sounds like a bitching ass deal to me! Thanks everyone that makes it possible.


I think we are going to see a lot of converted crude not run through SPD hit Reddit.

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