Conversion from delta 8 to delta 9

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I am doing a very effective conversion method from cbd to delta 8, i am getting percentages of up to 99% in some batches, for a few weeks i have been trying to reduce the percentages of delta 8 and raise the percentages of delta 9, or make cbd directly > d8 > d9, i would like to know if someone has an effective method to get more delta 9.

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There are definitely talented d9 conversions on market.
70s easily. 80s less common. 90s even less. 95+ is impressive af

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Your D8 and D9 numbers are probably higher than actual due to the iso-THC compounds present.


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Try adding the ptsa around 40 c let the reaction go 15/20 minutes max u should have 50/50 as some reported here​:grin::+1:


lo probaré amigo , muchas gracias


I have never managed to get good results with that. We have taken samples for testing every 15min, and there is still a lot (~50%) CBD left when the d9 is at its highest point. It is hard to catch a falling knife.


Yes, perhaps room temp and toluene. Is more controllable /timeable.

So there is definitely a correlation between energy in the system (starting temp) and the speed at which it converts. It has proved to be a very complicated dynamic. The more we test our RXNs, the more we learn that we don’t know jack shit on what actually influences the RXN. Hoping we can get over that learning curve soon! We have ~100 samples that we have tested real time with our RXNs. Hope we can find better correlation within a couple hundred more.


And stirring i believe, but i too am still trying to get 50/50d8 d9. Drying every thing is very impotant i believe, and inert.

I appreciate your dedication, but I would like to keep reality in check. We have a GC-FID, and I have numerous data sets that dictate that the mechanism of action is indeed CBD->D9->D8. The problem is that it’s not linear. It doesn’t take X minutes to fully convert to d9 before it takes Y minutes to fully convert to d8. It follows a logarithmic curve that is not favorable to d9. It takes us 15-45min to get “majority” conversion to d8. At 30min you are at max d9 which is only ~30%. Through the remainder of the RXN, you are at max CBD, then max d8. There’s not a soft transition between CBD and d9. It’s fast as hell and there is no way to catch that falling knife such that a majority is d9, that is with a pTSA RXN. DM me, let’s discuss.


Im not claiming nothing im only pointing, @ what I’ve read ive never claimed having suc6. I honestly believe it isnt easy and that u have all the tools to do it😊

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Ok so what your looking for is basically an isotherm or an equilibrium throughout the reaction.

Every time I got 100% d8 was a reaction for 48 hours. No shit.

From my understanding and I have yet to prove this as I am retired, is this.

Contrary to popular belief the d8 and the d9 cycle between each other like a pendulum, the longer it goes the more percentage swing it gets.

Idk if this true, but some really talented people showed me some data awhile back that supported this.


I’m also interested in this thread. This is the best I could do so far. But it requires me to constantly monitor it. I have been able to finish this reaction in 3 hrs and sometimes it has taken me 8 hrs. This one is from cbd isolate.


I think u won’t get much highernin d9then that with ptsa great results :smile: