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I couldn’t find an area to specifically talk about Vaporizers or Waterpipes or accessories for them other than Vape Carts. @sidco where would the appropriate place be to start a thread asking everyone what their favorite Dab Timer looks like?

I’m shopping for a Glass Piece, Dab Station (Qtip, accessories holder, hold enail maybe too), a Dab Timer (so I know when my banger is ready) or suggestion for appropriately timed dabs.

Can we also see maybe who all is DIY making these products as well.

Idk highdea

I need a Dab Timer suggestion.

This is a question and also a classified WTB

oh shit value added products.


I used to do a lot of high end coffee, so a pour over timer would fit the bill:


A lot of that stuff ends up in CannaBusiness anyways. “Consumables” seems a bit generic, or makes me think of gloves and media type consumables vs Vapes / Glass / Accessories.

Let’s think of a better category name. Value added Products is like packaging and stuff. One thing I wish we can do better is category names so I am hesitant to start new ones haphazardly


Well I don’t mind Media and other random consumables or a Consumables with sub categories like Glass and Vaporizers / Media

I’ll put some thought into it, like Smoking Section lol

I just know i’d love to see some bad ass pieces for sale here and artists showing off their work, and companies with vaporizer tech that’s heady. Because this is like Heady Wook Section what kind of Dab Timer is good and small / semi appealing bare min

Smokeshop & Accessories

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Smoking utensils category

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oh bro, you dont have a terpometer?

There are too many varyables for just time, drafts, room temp, ext.Get the info from the horses mouth to speak!


:joy: any user feedback? That’s a fancy gizmo

I use a normal IR temp gun for dabs, I also have a casio ca-53w I use a lot as a timer, and the basic dollar tree one that you can just dial in your cool down time and press reset between dabs.

I definitely like the idea of a consumables/paraphernalia category, I could use more sources for interesting smoking goods aside from DHgate and various glassblowers

My suggestions so far

Goodsstore on DHgate for quartz

I’ve had good luck with these for my smaller rigs, helps not to tip over

These Evan Shore knockoffs were solid for the money, not gonna fool anyone though. I didn’t care for much else from the seller(Beracky), but I’ve heard the opal/dichro bubble caps are nice for the price

MLglass has some decent recyclers(RBR in particular) for a good price. You can find the main blower on IG @biao.t, they do custom work with American rod but the turnaround isn’t great and I’ve heard varying reports on quality lately

The only American blower I’ve done business with recently is novaglassworks on IG, nice color work for a good price

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works great, is accurate because the thermocouple touches the banger. Much better than ir thermometers which need a black surface to read accurately.


I was under the impression you could dial in the emissivity to get accurate temps, quartz is .93 iirc

I never had any luck with them, where does one tweak the ir thermometer to adjust the emissivity? I just trust the thermocouple to be more consistent with fewer varyables involved due to the fact that it actually touches the surface of the quartz. The ir can have light scattered/ reflected and be effected by other light sources like led’s.

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Depending on the model there’s an adjustment method. My cheapie you hold the red button down, then press up or down to adjust it.


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Are you still liking your terpometer? I just use a ir gun and I need to upgrade to something more accurate, I’m tired of bl getting to hot/ cold dabs.

this is what we are currently using, the terpometer lasted about 8 months before finally breaking. The other way we do dabs is the old school timer method, heat it up red and wait 1- 1:30 and dab. It takes a little trial and error, but it is a dependable method. You will need to find the sweet spot for your banger/nail.

@pdxcanna was cooking some cool gear up for a diy option.