Consulting services available tfree, cbd, cbn, d8d9, d10 in the works

I’m available to take new clients, dm me for any questions you have related to the title of this post also pesticides & any other r&d I can advise

We’re here & in gear get you a discounted consultation till tomorrow only cutoff time for discounted price ends at midnight Friday night!

Dm me today for half priced rates, get in where you fit in! Let’s get you leveled up

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Where are you located? We are in need of a post-processing consultant (winterization/filtering) for warm crude. About to purchase our PP system. Interested in the “Beaker Method” unless you have a better way. Need someone to confirm our equipment list is correct. Then help perform equipment set-up and on-site training of an employee once it’s ready to go.


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DM me.

It’s a rainy day & the roads are closed for me to get to work due to rainy conditions there has been over 20 accidents through the entire valley on the way to where I go, sooooooo

Half priced fees all day folks hit the dm to find out how we can service you today :call_me_hand:t3:


I’m in Vegas if y’all need me hit the dm or give me a ring

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Hit the dm or if you have my info holler, I’m available all day & can take on new clients