consulting on site trouble shooting, design building wiper units, pesicide removal, small scale and bulk equipment fabrication design and build, start up consulting

Name: Josh
Company Name: Advanced Distillation
Contact Info: Adam Taylor
Location: California
Team Size: 5

Services Offered: equipment design and fabrication, complete facility build from extraction, distillation,alcohol recovery, technology, pesticide removals, color removal isolation techniques, custom builds. On site trouble shooting. wiped film units 2 inch, 4 inch 6 inches, high speed alcohol recovery, falling films, basic manufacture, on site trouble shooting
Rates, if public:
States Available in: all 50 states
Insured?: yes
OLCC Workers Permit?: n/a


We spoke once a few months ago, when I found out we were only about an hour away from each other I wanted to drive down and checkout your Wiped Film Distillation units, you told me to contact your associate to arrange a meeting.

Since then I can’t get a reply from either of you and I’ve called at least 4 times and yes I leave a message each time. What’s that all about?

These guys are a joke. Don’t work with them. Other members here can confirm.

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why would you say we are a joke?> what did we do that says we are a joke? I think you have too much time on your hands have nothing better to do but try and find fault with people and try to attack them for no reason

what contact numbers do you have for us?

@El_Z - Thanks for the heads-up. He seemed like a cool guy, but my BS detector went off when he told me he had a 100,000 sq ft building, (makes my 20,000 sq ft look tiny) but figured I would give him the benefit of the doubt and go check it all out, Ive been wrong plenty of times before.

Still ready and willing to drive down, check things out and buy a Wiped Film unit if they are real and workable.

@DrJosh - The numbers I have are:


still got pentane? I sent you a dm you 4-6 weeks ago.

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