Consultation opportunities

Looking to fulfill a couple of consults that I can take care of. I’m open to discussion of work and what potential clients may need to have done. Everything will be planned out to be according with lead times on any items needed or equipment if need be. Below I’ll list what I’ll be open to working with.

Filtration :
• Chromatography (flash chromatography, DCVC, open column, closed column, closed loop.)
• PH remediations.
• Hydrocarbon filtration.
• LLE separation & purification.
• Ethanol filtration.

Distillation :
• short path distillation.
• Molecular distillation of various cannabinoids.
• Advanced distillation methods.
• Ability to read a multitude of vacuum gauges.
• Water Clear Distillate.
• Can help with fine tuning WFE parameters and troubleshoot issues.

Crystallization or recrx :

Experience in each of the processes below exstensively.

Hydrocarbon experience:
• Basic extraction.
• Advanced extraction (more than an average tech.)
• Trouble shoot problems & streamline production.
• I can run two 35lbs column Purge Labs ATLAS columns on a 150lb collection all simultaneously. 70lbs of material at a time. (210-280 lbs of material per shift).
• I can utilize ETS / 710 snob platform for 10-15lbs column runs x 4 - 6 columns inline with CRC & collection vessel of appropriate size.
• I have used the iron fist platform.
• I can build and design a fully functioning hydrocarbon closed loop extraction with either active or passive recovery (I prefer active myself).
• I can blue print your machine to fit the building and county city codes and pass inspections with the state for peer review.

Ethanol washing experience:
• delta cup platform. • ethos platform.
• panda filter.
• filtration skids.
• pig filters.
• winterization with ethanol and or with methanol. • Membrane skid.

Hash making experience:
• Bubble hash washing by hand or with machine for fresh frozen and or cured materials.
• Dry ice sifting for fresh frozen and or cured materials.
• Air dry technique.
• Freeze drying technique and troubleshooting.
• Properly separation of microns and sub microns of hash.
• Rosin pressing.
• Hash prep & post processing.
• Temple ball hash.
• Cannoli hash paper.
• Proper insight on conversion rates of input to hash.
• Proper insight of good material to utilize for solventless extraction.
• Ability to tell how much more an input bio can be washed for and at what rpm.

Please this is for helping out and getting back on track. I look forward to any work that may come my way. Thank you.