Constructive criticism welcome

Or in house analytics. Link upthread…,


Dont mean to waste your time but me being 52 and never really spent too much time with computers ,I have to ask,what you mean by “in house analytics ,link upthread”
If im guessing correctly,somewhere i can find the answers to my issues in here? Lol

@cyclopath is a bit of a wordsmith :rofl:


And thanks for all your replies guys. Now Ive got some things to test and try out. :pray:t2:

Oh for fox sake. How did i miss that🤣

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It took a hint from ky_cbd but i think i get your point :rofl:

The blue text has been clickable (a link) for like 30 years at this point…

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Skipped my 1988 typing class in high school to go hang out at thermo-king and get high while cleaning reefers. From there refrigeration career took off and I left high school behind. Only links i’ve really looked at over the years were on porn sites. This is a whole new ball game at future4200. And thanks again for your wisdom @cyclopath :rofl:


I’m in SW Ontario. For testing labs, look at A&L and Eurofins. Get ready to pay a lot of $$ though!

For real, that trim looks like it would maybe give you a 5% return, if you didn’t do CRC.

Also if you’re in SW Ontario, why are you using Farenheit?!

I would suggest this experiment to you to show your boss what this machine trim is capable of producing. Instead of cooling to -50C, cool to -20C. Extract for 10 minutes. Do not CRC the material, go right into the recovery pot. Then extract the same material with a second batch of solvent (same time, temp, bypass CRC into recovery pot). Then get yourself a mass yield of your inevitably dark brown extract, and call that the ‘maximum’ yield. Then find out how your cold extraction & CRC compares to the maximum yield. Tell your boss you can either make XX% yield of this dark nasty stuff, of YY% yield of this lovely light orange stuff. My $0.02.


I think the labs can wait in this economy. Used fahreinheit because i assumed there was a higher percentage of americans to canadians here. I actually havent noticed any remotely canadian till you my friend.
I like your thinking to test it. I’m definitely adding that to my check list. Thanks man.

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I’d be worried about safety before yields.

Lots of ignition sources in their too.