Congress amends law, bans vapes,

I didn’t read the whole article I’m too tired but check it out @qma

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My understanding is this only affects e-commerce. Wholesalers can still ship to retail customers no problem

  1. Fuck the sensationalist Azim Chowdhurry. This is an ad for his bullshit thousand dollar conference.

  2. I have recordings of both the ATF and FDA saying that I fall out of the scope of this.

  3. This is a perfect time to stop selling micro packs, which are a fuck ton of work every week (10-12 hrs) but little profit (2~500 a week).


So what’s the minimum number of carts that make it worth it for you to ship?


I’ll gladly take an easy hundred dolla sale any day.

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are all the local vape stores screwed?

20 pack. You have to remember, I individually seal carts, so selling single and 5 packs sucks donkey dick because it cost me n extra dollar in labor or 3 minutes of time. You have to remove half the carts from the pack into another foam pack (that you need to purchase) and then you have to cut them, put them in shipping film and seal them. Same with the caps.

Then on top of that, most of my customer service issues are with piddling 5 packs. Often times its a straight up unprovable refund, or I gotta pay $3-4 on top of the refund and original shipping to get them back and discover the customer fucked up. Any opened package automatically has to be dumped. God I hate reddit so much


That’s a much lower moq than I thought actually, I would have guessed like 50.

You get a lot of chargeback fraud? Seems to be a favorite of anyone they disagree with over there

I think the 3chi people push that as a strategy with their alts, he had plenty of them before from his credit scam and knows what they can do to a business

Nothing compared to Amazon I hope

I have 5 steps that I take in shipping that has ended all chargebacks. I document everything there is to document. I have only lost 2 disputes in the 3 years I have been in business. Doesn’t change the fact that I wouldn’t have to do all this due diligence if I priced my products out of redditors reach. But reddit does have it’s benifits.

It cost me all of 5 minutes to poke spookypasta and drum up 10-11 sales. the same amount of sales would cost me about 5-10 dollars in reddit advertising or 30 minutes myself to write a post. The dude is my best salesmen, but 10% of his sales are poisonous (Meaning I will have to fight a chargeback). I’m almost to the size where cart sales become irrelevant, so even cyber bullying spookypasta is losing its importance.


I treat the people there like toilet paper.

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And just like that mids oil was only good for edibles

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Sells out nation to big tech, big tech ruins small businesses

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Ha I beat you to it this time @spdking !!!