Compliant CO2 HTFSE

Introducing our premium Compliant (<0.3%THC) CO2 HTFSE with an impressive 27% terpene content! Made using Frosted Grapes hemp flower, this product boasts a delicious candy-like aroma and has a super low viscosity at room temperature. With multiple liters available, act fast before it’s gone!

For serious buyers, we’re offering a special deal: try out a sample ml for just $10, including shipping. And for added peace of mind, our CO2 HTFSE has been tested by KCA for potency, pests, terpenes, and solvents, and comes with a certificate of analysis. Don’t miss out on this top-quality product. Contact us today to place your order!


:fire::fire::fire: dope


2-SA-221111-14009 FDT Terpenes Frosted Grapes Terp Sauce (HTE)(2).pdf (472.3 KB)

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If this is OLCC compliant, and it tastes as good as it sounds, pump it directly into carts and wrap it in some nice packaging. The resultant product is in demand at many Oregon dispensaries. They don’t move as quickly as THC vape products, but a surprising number of Oregon dispensaries are looking to add a SKU like this to their shelves. I was wholesaling mine for $16.50 each, so the margins are far better than most THC vape carts.


Mixed this up at 20% in two different mixes and both are awesome. Very different from the hte that I have been using, which are all highest in b-cary and myrcene, and all had a very “spicy hemp” flavor. This is still spicy, but has a more clean, and almost slightly sour floral flavor. Packaging was excellent too, with the little 1ml brown bottles, there was no waste. I am going to be ordering some more. Fatdog terpenes for the win.

20% frosted grapes hte
5% sour suver hte
40% decarbed diamonds
35% cbdv/cbd distillate

20% frosted grapes hte
45% decarbed diamonds
35% cbd distillate

My dream of DIY’ing my own type II cartridge, complete. Also a shout out to Sidetrack Farms in PA for providing free diamonds that I used here, when my order was delayed.

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Tell me more !
Cbdv distillate have a coa ?
Was wondering if it could be seperated by distillation or crystelization

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Sorry, I should have been more clear. It is cbdv/cbd distillate. About 30%/50% plus minors, last coa that I saw.

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Your choice of cannabinoids is interesting non the less knowing that activation of the 2 receptors tempers the psycho activity
Good luck :+1: