Complete Pinnacle System designed to do 1500L+ Crude/month

Item: Complete Pinnacle System-2500 Gallons

Location: High Sierra’s CA

Price: $499K complete (Skid+Storage)

Includes 4X600 Gallon Ethanol Tanks (Jacketed) and 2x90 Gallon Extraction Tanks (Jacketed). We will sell Ethanol tanks (storage) individually for 75K each. The Price is $250K for the extraction skid.

Why are you selling? It not deliver on what the speeds were supposed to be?


Do you have pictures?

I don’t need to produce a zillion liters of crude anymore. Also consolidating space. We would consider just selling the extraction system w/o the storage tanks or vice-versa. Are you interested?

I do. Please go to Red Bar Says “Pictures”. There are Pinnacle Folders; one for storage and one for extraction. If you need anything else please call me 818 three seven one 0967 Adam