Complete biosynthesis of cannabinoids from yeast.


Synthesis of cannabinoids from Yeast.

Since this is such a hot topic in the news right now I thought I would leave the scientific document here for discussion:

Complete Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids from Yeast


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Usually can operate sci-hub from my phones…

I read over the patent again. Didn’t think they were able to create cbga from sugar as a food source.
Few years back I tlremeber they were able to create thc and cbd but they had to use cbg as a feed stock.

This is definitely game chaning…potentially.
What’s the fda clearance time? Maybe 2-5 years. Patent was initiated in 2014.
China might be off to the races lol

Anyone wanna review this or drop some knowledge?



According to the paper the synthetic pathway is illustrated as follows:

It would be great to have a molecular biologist and CRISPR expert take a look at this paper and describe the gene insertion methodology for yeast.