Complete BHO Closed Loop Extraction System

Complete Closed Loop Extraction System

$9500 OBO

Bhogart, Peer reviewed and state certified, horizontal jacketed collection base

120# solvent tank with condenser coil, complete with 4 ports and all valves

10” inch, 3 piece honey pot with jacketed platter.

Additional 10” jacketed platter

12” inch, Full Jacketed Honey Pot with bottom pour spout on rack stand

12” inch, 3 piece honey pot with jacketed platter or can be used with alternate base for crude extraction purposes

2 - Large Condenser Coils with pressure gauge

2 - 4x48 Fully Jacketed Spools

1 - 4x48 Dry Ice Spool

1 - 4x36 Dry Ice Spool

3 - 4x36 Spools

1 - 4x24 Fully Jacketed Spool

1 - 6x48 Spool

1 - 6x2 Reducer

2 - 4x2 Reducers

2 - 2x2 Large Blue Ball Valves

12 - 4 Inch Filter Plates with rings

2 - Complete 4” Lids with ball valves

1 - Complete 6” Lid with ball valves

2 - 2x12 Desiccant Filter Dryers

1 - 4x6 CRC with Sintered Disc and complete lid

2 - Trs 19’s recovery pumps
1 - Trs 21 recovery pumps
Splitter and hoses to run all 3 together.
All 3/8’s Steel Braided High Pressure Hoses needed for entire system

1 - Across International 1.9 cu ft Vacuum Oven and shelves

1 - 12CFM Vacuum Pump (For testing system and oven operation only)

1 - Nitrogen Regulator

All clamps, nuts & bolts

Gaskets Included & additional extraction fittings

$9500 OBO

@Medivated how big are the material columns? How many lbs per run? With the recovery pumps you have, how many lbs can you process realistically process in a day with this set up?

I have various sizes of columns, all but one is 4 inch diameter and range in size from 18-48 inches tall with and without sleeves and jackets and one column/lid that is 6x48 and has a reducer from 6 to 2.

as far as processing in a day, I would say 50 lbs with normal sop’s. If you were really efficient with your operations and/or had stronger recovery capabilities you could push it as high as 80-100 lbs with the additional equipment I have.

Ok thanks for the info, I’m interested. I have a PX10 but I’m looking into getting another unit to increase production capacity. What about chilling and heating? Do you have chiller and heater to go with this? Or do you cool with dry ice and recover at room temp?

I sold all other equipment down to just the steel and a couple ovens and I learned that dry ice is unnecessary atleast IMO.

How much you asking for the ovens and where are you located?

I will buy your steel if it is still available!

Hey man, still available???