Comparing gelato iwe to static same micron range question

Can anyone explain why the static cleaned sift has more room stability than the iwe even though under scope sift appears cleaner?? same material from same clone done same day same micron range then both warm pressed same temp,
static clean sift

iwe top sift below after couple months cold cure . Both have similar err ‘meltiness’ look but i can use the sift even in summer just about without gluing my hands together ,So why is it more room stable,plus is there any way to make iwe more room stable?


Integrated wheel ends?

Jokes aside - The culprit is moisture, I’d bet $2 on that. Second bet would be freeze-drier impact on product quality.

It’s myth that dry sift is inherently lower quality than wet sift, it’s just that wet sifting is a bit more forgiving, but if you know what you’re doing, dry sift can come out just as good if not better/more true to its form. With modern static sifting techniques, some real fire can be made.

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cool, i did wonder same but have done say dry for water hash few times not with freeze dryer tho, maybe next year :grinning: , dried after sieve with desiccant vault in fridge for 2 weeks usually does the job, i wondered if had anything to do with the mono terps some say can be lost during the wash? but yeah def agree with the static having stronger taste an different high imo perhaps the fuller terp profile helps entourage effect

Less terpenes due to air exposure. Terps = solvent = melty.

It’s why when you run ice hash through a freeze dryer even though it’s granular like nice dry sift you can’t leave it at room temp without it gooping up in 10 minutes.

Beautiful work btw


Thanks man appreciate it, have seen ur rosin looks great :heart_eyes:, recently started blending material from different strains an personally found I prefer to my single strain extracts hope to add some haze into the mix soon

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No problem bro! Happy to chime in if its appreciated haha. You make some great stuff!