Company in Oregon Selling Straight Pot Seeds as Hemp Seed Causing Lots of Issues

Now that the click bait has drawn you in…

The Seed Choice in OR has sold ACRES of seed to a friend in KY. The department of AG came by to test 2 weeks before harvest just like they always do, and it tested damn near 1:1 THC:CBD. Now he is left with the impossible choir of having to destroy his whole crop. Obviously fuck that company for having some kinda cross-pollinated bullshit that went that hot when they swore up and down 17% CBD and below .3% THC. But also WTF is up with the KDA. My friend sent them all the seed they purchased form the seed choice and the KDA certified the seed. Turns out if you show the KDA paperwork saying the seeds are hemp they just believe you? What do you guys think about all this mess. I went through their IG and reached out to two others who purchased their 00 Cherry seeds as well. One of the guys shit went hot just like my friends, the other fellow killed all of the pants before flower b.c. they looked shitty.

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There so much shady shit in this game… Ky can’t test a seed I guess they doing what they can but not much help to your friend…I picked up some autoflwer biomass 1 month ago the growers swore I tested 12%. We extracted about 5%


Yup makes sence they test the best trimmed flower off the plant not a homogenized sample of what your actually getting for extraction after bucking/milling