Community Spam Flagging

Hopefully you guys have noticed that this website is free and has no advertising. We also run a very slim staff (@sidco and I, plus a few volunteer moderators)

This means that spam control is largely up to you guys. We have filters but sometimes it’s hard to beat good old fashioned community pressure.

If you see somebody trying to sell CBD without verification status (as of this post nobody is currently verified, making me think the vast majority are scams), or anybody promoting the sale of unlicensed THC, please flag them!

2 flags from 2 unique accounts will hide the post and require staff intervention.

How does one become verified?

we are working on a verification process. It will look something like this;

  1. Fill out an application with test results, supply abilities, relationship to the product, etc.
  2. Send a sample and possibly a fee for 3rd party testing.
  3. Get listed as a Verified Distributor (name may change)

More to come very soon.

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