Commercial Washing

Is anyone currently making bubble hash inside of a walk-in refrigerator at a commercial facility? I’d like to inquire about a few things

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I’ve made bubble in 10*f weather in my outbuilding before.


I’ll find the youtube video, standby.

Edit: Cactido Bubble Hash Wash - YouTube


Thank you!

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Whatcha got questions about? Many minds here can likely help.


It’s been said that there are no stupid questions, but I’m gonna suggest that “can I ask you a question?” is getting pretty close.

or to paraphrase @Cheebachiefextracts: if you have questions; why not ask them?!?


What type of maintenance is involved with a walk-in? Any special cleaning protocol to be aware of? What size walk-in are you washing in? Does anyone fill their vessels prior to wash and allow the water to cool to walk-in temp to save on ice use?

as with any chiller, keeping the heat exchangers free of accumulated dust and debris is important. you’ve got two places where you have fans blowing across a “radiator”. one inside (to spread the cold), one outside (to disperse the heat). those need to be kept clean. in a dust free environment, you walk in will run for years, with monkeys flinging kief, that maintenance interval will be much smaller.

sort of depends on your scale, and how messy your hashashins are.

well, kief is sticky, so just blowing out your radiators might not do the trick.

absolutely. just like there are folks who don’t. air is a lousy heat exchange medium, you might be better off running the water thought a heat exchanger to get it to target temp.

what temp are you planning on running your walk in? 4C-10C is pretty standard.

Sounds like most of your questions have been answered, but if you have any others… swing away