commercial scale hydrocarbon extractors

I’m looking for a commercial scale hydrocarbon extractor. I feel out of the loop on new equipment and other than Precision I havent seen much.

Looking to run at least 8 jacketed colums. Are there any systems out there I can show to investors, or is everyone just building to suit thier own needs?

@710ST I believe is bizzy. Bizzybee, His systems can get that big, for sure. I’ll be non biased. 710snob has systems that big. That dude “the healing alchemist” makes em that big. Nboler can make large systems, he’s an excellent welder and is a great guy. I’m sure there’s others. Depending on what you are running, I’m sure


I work with the bee himself. Our systems are all designed a la carte depending on your workflow or desired end products. I could definitely design you the system you are interested in. We primarily focus on building certified systems for lab based installations which is why our prices are generally higher than some competitors.

That’s kinda what I meant, I think I was meaning that you were from that group. I was just texting you guys today

hehe word! Yea we are a small group but will have the website up soon!


Update: is now live. The dudes are working on small errors here and there but there’s some good pics and info available!


I was actually going to make a post about this

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Question. How come you guys don’t have an 8/10 collection vessel. You go straight from 6" to the 10". I wonder if it would function better for the medium beest? As not so much solvent runs throu it like the bigger system

I agree its just how the boss decided to do it. You can use 2 6x48"s collections and get better heat exchange then later go to a 10/12 with a coil in it after that if you need more volume.


what do you think the cons would be of say 1 column that holds 100lb biomass, a tank that holds enough hydrocarbon to wash that mass, and a collection vessel for recovery, and a honey pot.

Unless that column is fairly narrow and tall it’s going to cost you yield, because the liquid hydrocarbon is going to pick the path of least resistance and that’s going to leave behind quit a bit I would think. Also a column that is the length/width ratio I’m thinking it needs to be and hold 100 lbs biomass is going to be a real bitch to load and unload, much less hold vertical in a normally sized building, much less an extraction booth.

I think their systems and QC are terrible and customer service is even worse but I have to say that Bhogart’s BFO/BFE has the right idea with multiple columns connected with flexible hose to the solvent tank and honey pot. I suspect they could design the honey pot a bit smarter to get more surface area in a small footprint though.


someone showed me a video over a year ago, it was impressive to say the least the numbers they were talking were unheard of. but i was recently thinking about that video and it raised a few questions like what kinda parameters would something like that even run? same as a small system? i came to the conclusion it would be in the same range-ish… and yeah, how tf do you pack or unpack something like that lol

ive ran the BFE for about 3 years, part of the reason im asking


I think you’re talking about the pure extractor 120. Big giant strawberry looking thing?


talk about over-engeneering. that thing looks like a mess, jesus. the one im talking about is a custom build, the biomass containment vessel is a 4x8 sheet of stainless rolled into a drum and jacketed, with conical top and bottom tapered off to 12" triclamp caps. :zipper_mouth_face: