Commercial Air Conditioners for Sale

We have 23 units of:

Daikin / Goodman commercial air conditioner

Virtually brand new - used for 4 months before being shut down.

Price brand new is $74k, owner looking to recoup 50% - $37k each.

Can provide detailed photos and serials for each unit.


That’s crazy high each.


I’m contacting the seller, but I think he may have meant $37k for all of them.

I’ll edit the post once I get confirmation

Thanks for heads up! I don’t know shit about these units.

Location of units?

Units located in East Los Angeles.

Confirmed with seller that they are looking for $37k for the entire lot - 23 units.

Willing to sell individually, just enquire.

5 ton units???

Totalling 115 tons? Or are they 3 ton each?

They are 5 ton 208/230 3ph 410a units.

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Greenleafpro is correct