Combining multiple Runs in one for Super saturation techniques

Ok so me and my partner accidentally discovered a possible way to have a highly saturated “live resin” solution, when we recovered too much of our solvent. it was too stable to pour out for “Only The Strong Sauce Tek” so we repacked the material colomn hoping to salvage our last run and when a few weeks pass there is a significant growth in crystal formation in the jar that had been rerun (top) vs a singe run and pour (bottom)


So ur saying, blast recover, reload, and bc it’s reacted to oil, then redissolved your getting faster reactions than the single run?

Badass I love it

Just thought, could it have anything to do with the single run, say is only 28g and the double run is 56g, then the double run has more fluid and room for the actual molecules to move around?
And the more the terpenes the more thinner which gives free molecular movement?

Did the redissolved jar have more or just redissolved?


Im not quite sure how this really goes down. But when were in the recovery process we recovered all of our butane by accident which pretty much made us run on top of the existing extract in my collection pot therefore leaving us with a 2 in 1 for pour off into jars so i assumed something happened with the higher concentration of cannabinoids helped the crystallization.
Gonna be experimenting with this 2 in 1a little more in the coming weeks to see what happens. And if these are successful hopefully could try something crazy like a full days work that goes into one jar, then possibly seed to see what happens.

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As long as you don’t go over 80% I don’t see how it can’t help in keeping high pressure through the process

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On a vertical mount system I would definitely run multiple tubes before pouring!


I was going to suggest this exact method to get a better concentration. I’ll also try this out and report back…

Instant re x

Any updates on your attempt @NxxxxxS?

I’m not sure what your trying to attempt doing this other than loading multiple runs into one pot

Super saturation is key to the amount solvent to oil. Which means you can super saturate any amount of oil to tane after injection.

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@StoneD I am not sure if you’re speaking English but it sounds bad ass! Lol

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If you have a small system you can test with you may get more accurate results while experimenting. Just a thought. Small controlled groups would probably save material and time.